Anderson Cooper to Raul Labrador: You're Getting Real Questions Here

October 8, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 21 comments

This gem of a clip begins with a metaphor from Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID): Democrats asking Republicans to sign a clean CR is like CNN asking Cooper to sign a contract first and negotiate the terms later. Cooper shoots back: "But it's not really that way because Congress hasn't passed my contract and the Supreme Court hasn't accepted my contract as valid."

Labrador goes for another angle: Romney was lost the election because he was "known as the godfather of Obamacare." Cooper clarifies: "So basically your argument is you're nullifying two presidential elections and you're nullifying the vote of Congress because you don't like it."

Labrador insists that the clean CR wouldn't garner enough votes. Cooper says, "Why not just try?" "Why should we?" Labrador asks. "Because that's how things work," Cooper says. "Your job is to vote on things."

The grand finale comes at 3:30, when Labrador accuses Cooper of "having a stake" in this, to which Cooper responds with the best sound byte of the clip: "This is the way it works in journalism. When you're not on Fox News, you get contentious interviews. When you're not on MSNBC and a liberal, you get contentious interviews. My job is to ask you questions that are different than you think... That's what a journalist does!"

There are enough votes  for a clean CR — 21 Republicans have joined 199 Democrats to surpass the 217 vote majority necessary to pass it. One of two things must occur for the vote to happen: John Boehner changes his mind or Republicans sign onto the discharge petition. Tell Republicans to sign the discharge petition and end this shutdown.  



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Republicans need to stop this insanity and end the shut-down. Republicans need to sign the discharge position.

Carol Merchasin

Way to go Copper!!!

Mildred Bowers

To make a point the republicans won the House through gerrymandering not through a true vote of the People. Remember after the election they were so proud of it they were shouting it out to everyone. No one brings this up to them in any of the arguments about how they won the House when they say they were elected. It shows they are ill-equipped to handling the job of governing. They took an oath of office to up-hold the Constitution but they like to pick and choose the parts of the Constitution they want to follow. As far as I am concerned what they are doing is treason from home-grown terrorists. I wish the President would take steps to stop them from using the country and citizens as hostages in there pursuit to destroy him. Any other President in history would not sit by and let them use our country as a bargaining chip to there own ends.

Marge Berkeyheiser

I insist on a clean CR, and if my Republican representative doesn't go for this I will do everything in my power to make sure he is not elected again. You all were elected to do the will of the people. For God's sake remember that. Do not even think of tying the ACA to this. That's stupid. You don't like the ACA--too bad. It's the law.

karol sissom

I think the US debts must be paid or our nation will lose the respect of the world. If it cannot be done by the Congress, the President needs to issue an executive order to prevent a default in payment of our debts.

Nancy Pridgen

Sign a clean bill for heaven's sake.

Marilynn Friling

It's like talking to a wall! I'm tired of them saying what the American public wants! They don't know. We voted for Obamacare! We voted for it that is what the American people want!

Lyla Boone

This may be your LAST CHANCE to save a once great political party. This may be your LAST CHANCE to salvage the dignity of your dynasty. The Republican Party is teetering over the edge of a rapidly growing mountain of negative public opinion; totally off balance and about to fall into the bottomless pit of historical irrelevance and scorn. If the elected representatives of your party blow this one, history will NOT judge your party well. The People have spoken. Isn't time that you start listening to them?

Daniel Deveron Baker

Anderson, Please keep stressing that you are asking the hard questions of both parties. That is what Congess is SUPPOSED to do, vote on and resolve issues.. a clean CR, not practice avoidance, make excuses and spin spin, spin! I expect more from our elected represenatives... form BOTH parties!

Lynn Noecker

Watching this country flush itself right down in the cesspool is heartbreaking. There is no justice, no sensibility, no rational thinking anymore. Just greedy politicians.

Broken Heart

The job of government is to govern, This sometimes requires compromise. The people have voted for the Health Care Act. The Congress needs to respect that and move on to approving a budget and allowing the government to work. I suggest that Congress not get paid until they do their job.

Margo Reichlin

These bastard NAZTEA GOP TEAPUBLICANS talk a lot of bullshit lies, hypocritically spout how patriotic and how they proudly support The Men and Women and families Of The Armed Forces. Then Dishonor them in the Middle of A War that A lying Republican administration started by interrupting critical support for Troops actively fighting these wars and causing uncertainty for millions of Veterans. Most outrageous and unacceptable is the fact that Casualties/Heroes of these wars are blatantly dishonored by shutting Down All Parts Of the Government so entitlements to Troops and their families are disrupted including DEATH BENEFITS Un Fn believable...Lying Hypocrites GOP... THEY HAVE NO SHAME EXPLOITING VETERANS FOR PHOTO OPS ..PLAIN EVIL


Ha! I stopped watching him long ago for NOT asking the hard questions. Give me Rachel Maddow any day!

Melanie Martin

Discharge petition? What a load of crap!! I'm so tired of the idiots in Washington. This is about "power" and "ego"...I know 5 year-olds who behave with more integrity and maturity. To hurt the entire nation with furloughs and the damage to the economy over one party not getting what they want?..UnAcceptable! The Republicans have tried to repeal Obamacare...42 times!!!! ps...I'm for hillary to be on Elizabeth Warren's ticket!!! EW for President!

Wendy Allyn


Vicki Weirich

Just balance the budget! NO MORE ADDITIONAL SENDING UNTIL THE BUDGET IS BALANCED. We are the tax payers and we will not stand for a bully in the White House.

David Bellagamba

Everyone in this country is so used to everyone on the take that he thought you would respect one of his buddies. That's why he was so surprised that you were asking on principal. No one knows what that is anymore! The Main culprit in this country is the Citizens United ruling. Everyone buys everything w/money. The second worst thing, is the tax break for the rich. It's made us an oligarchy.

Carole Pelletier

You Republicans need to get off your behinds and do something for the people of America End this shutdown now.

Christine Barber

You Republicans need to get off your behinds and do something for the people of America End this shutdown now.

Christine Barber

Please sign the discharge petition and end the shutdown.

Don Giamanco

this should never have happened. beynorshould go to jail for the grief he has put this country through.

candace utley
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