Jon Stewart Takes on Bulls**t Mountain (aka Fox News)

October 4, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

As it becomes increasingly clear that the American people know this is John Boehner and the Tea Party's shutdown, Fox's "bullsh**tinator" has to work overtime. WATCH: 

PS. Don't forget to pledge one hour to defeat Republicans for every day that they keep our government shutdown. 



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They've been trying to hide , and there's no place to hide...............

Perry Traylor

Love Jon Stewart ! The only comment i can leave is this. The 80 so members of congress who voted to shut the government down should be fired. They should never be allowed to hold office again. They certainly should not get tax payer supported salaries. I also support the Affordable Health Care Act. This will save me and my daughters money. I also support a single payer system. And Fox news sucks , I watch RT news

Flo Jenkins
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