Elizabeth Warren Calls Out GOP on Shutdown

October 1, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 28 comments

Everyone should watch this speech by Elizabeth Warren from the Senate floor yesterday. In it, she lays out clearly how unbelievably selfish House GOP obstructionism really is — and as per usual, she hits the nail right on the head. 

P.S. Are you frustrated about the shutdown? Don't get mad, organize. Find out how you can get involved. 



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All through the elections, the Republicans sounded like parrots as they said repeatedly, "We will increase jobs", "We will increase jobs", "We will increase jobs"...I never once heard them explain how they planned to do that, but that was their major platform. They also declined to increase minimum wage, saying it would "hurt small businesses". Of course, they never explained how that would happen, either. And they never once worried that jobs would be in jeopardy if they were to give THEMSELVES a hefty raise! Now here they are...they have taken away the jobs of more than 800,000 Americans, they have shut down services that millions of low-income people depend on, as well as thousands of other government-run services. and agencies. It should be the jobs of all members of Congress that are taken away. The giant paychecks and multiple perks they receive, supporting them in the lifestyle they've become accustomed to for the rest of their lives, at taxpayer's expense, all need to go! Their single goal is, and has always been, to get Obama out and show him in a bad light...at any cost. THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

Chris Fountain

this is as one sided as the republicans that speak on the other side of the fence. Why should any working American pay for someone who only wants handouts. we are the middle class that is paying the high taxes for all the special interest groups. You are say less money to spend, to save, oh you are right about that. the one thing I can say that so fare with my husbands job the company still offers insurance it has gone up at least 2% this year. Yes Washington does have its priority all wrong. All of you on Capital hill needs to pack up your offices and go home to a real job to see how the American people really live. The Demarcates and Republicans up in DC are all liars.

Pam edington

I agree Barbara. I would MUCH prefer her to Hillary. I would soooo love watching her rip the opposition's arguments to shreds in the debates

Randy Burbach
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