Elizabeth Warren Calls Out GOP on Shutdown

October 1, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 28 comments

Everyone should watch this speech by Elizabeth Warren from the Senate floor yesterday. In it, she lays out clearly how unbelievably selfish House GOP obstructionism really is — and as per usual, she hits the nail right on the head. 

P.S. Are you frustrated about the shutdown? Don't get mad, organize. Find out how you can get involved. 



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Thank you Senator Warren for speak for the reasonable responsibility of government.

Janice Pardy

I want this woman to be my president!!!! She has the brains and courage to address the most important issues for us in today's world.

Barbara Welch

Senator Warren did hit the nail on the head..........the hate for Obama is so stupid who made the Republicans party God? They have no shame!

Lillian Lammi

I want Elizabeth Warren on Hillary's ticket!

Maribel Andonian

These Republicans are domestic terrorists!

Carrie Boynton

That anyone would even consider the possibility that the federal government will be shut down because Congress cannot reach agreement on the most fundamental of all issues: providing funding for legislation already passed for every government agency, is an example of insanity. Those of you in the Republican Party would be well advised to "take your party back" from the rabid frothy-mouthed fanatics attempting to pass themselves off as "conservative". Those of you in the Democratic Party neutered by red state gerrymandering would do well to relocate your own consciences. This nation can no longer govern itself and this "movement" represents NOT rank-n-file Americans, but an oligarchy seeking a roll back to feudalism. The Affordable Healthcare Act passed. Obama was elected, twice. Accept the decisions of your "exceptional" democracy and nation. Represent working Americans for a change. Trillions spent on bailing out the financial services sector/Wall Street to save them from their own elicit practices and free market corrections. One hundred billion (according to Forbes) spent on corporate welfare in 2012 alone. A form of government that is no longer a representative democratic form of government in reality. Ted Cruz pontificating on "freedom" from healthcare for the peasants while sponging his own coverage off of his wife's Goldman Sachs executive plan. None of you people represent anyone who isn't at least a millionaire. There has indeed been a vast redistribution of wealth over the past four decades or so, but in the opposite direction from the one everyone is always blathering on about. Before Reagan, the bottom 47% (that number ring a bell?) had access to 2.5% of the nation's wealth/income. That portion for the bottom 47% in now below 0%. A negative number. Is 47% of this "exceptional nation's" population just a bunch of deadbeats as Romney suggests? Or rather were they fleeced via policy decisions and targeted legislation birthed and incubated in oligarch think tanks? There has been over the past four decades a complete re-rigging of the economic and political system. I put that in singular form, no “s”, because they are one in the same. Money is speech, corporations are people, and people sans a well-heeled lobby effort, the unsubstantial people, are irrelevant and meaningless to all of you. America is still nothing more than, and now even more so than at some times in the past, a colonial wealth extraction scheme and the masses but sharecroppers. And everyone knows it despite the propaganda machine referred to as "the media" which now resides in the control of five multinational corporations where even the pundits (Chuck Todd for example) publicly announce it's not their role to correct mistruths and lies. We know what you are, you show is every day. Your actions drown out your crafted words and show who you serve. And upon whose backs you do so. At some point, that may puncture your substantial people bubble.

Daryl Venable

Senator Warren speaks right to the point, and is a light for women's health, health care for our time, and hits the bulls eye when she says Republicans and the Tea Party types are really on loosing side when the attack Obama, in any way they can manufacture. Go Warren.

cass benedict

Senator Warren speaks right to the point, and is a light for women's health, health care for our time, and hits the bulls eye when she says Republicans and the Tea Party types are really on loosing side when the attack Obama, in any way they can manufacture. Go Warren.

cass benedict

You tell them, Elizabeth Warren. Show them what you're working with and speak up for every woman out there. We absolutely love you. Wish there were more human beings, just like you in Office ~ If only the greed from the GOP, the delusional Teabaggers and the corrupt REP's would see the damage, they are doing to 'our' Country ~ As they continue the greed, the inhumane and irrational behavior, will only cause them lessor votes, come election time. Let them continue showing how ignorant they can be, as they remove themselves, one by one out of Office ~ I am originally from Mass, I could only wish, we had more Politician's like Warren in Florida and Texas, becaus the two *ick's are surely ruiningely ruining both State's ~ We need to turn the US all blue ~ "True Blue Nationwide" ~ For the people, of the people ~ We won't have it any other way ~ Thanks Obama for saving millions of people's lives, that are currently suffering after working hard all these years ~ Get the greed & the corruption out of Office. We want our Country back !!

Traci Lee

Continue being the VOICE for women! Are you and Hilary talking? Ask not what women can do for this country! We BIRTHED it!

Tracey Quillen

I think I've fallin in love. What a beautiful woman. The smartest person I've ever heard. Would love to see her at the tip of the spear of Hillary's campaign. (wish she were single)

Kent Crawford

I think the Republicans in congress should be labelled as terrorists using terrorist tactics. Either that, or...... Actually, they do resemble my 4 year old pitching a temper tantrum trying to get his way. Doesn't work for a 4 year old, and it shouldn't work for adults. Let the Republicans pitch their temper tantrum. Maybe, just maybe, the American people will begin to see them for what they really are. Here's hoping that none of them are re-elected.

Bob Stuart

I love this smart, brave woman so much! She has done more behind the scenes for our financial safety than anyone will ever know. Would LOVE to see her on a big ticket -- mmmm.... Hillary & Elizabeth....??? Say yes!

Jeanette Coers

I love this smart, brave woman so much! She has done more behind the scenes for our financial safety than anyone will ever know. Would LOVE to see her on a big ticket -- mmmm.... Hillary & Elizabeth....??? Say yes!

Jeanette Coers

Thank you Sen. Warren...I pray the American people reap the rewards of your hard work and common sense. Lord knows, the majority in the House of Representatives lacks that quality. Your words speak my thoughts, and support the American working class.

Geanene Weathers

I love her she is easy to understand so down to earth this woman is awesome

carmen sepulveda

No one says it as clearly as Elizabeth Warren.

Sonia Sheridan

I have so much respect for this woman and her willingness to stand up to those who are working to destroy the middle class while funneling more and more wealth to the richest elite. I am so grateful to her for fighting for the women's rights over their own bodies, and for families and children to have food and health care and for jobs that pay a fair living wage. I am happy we have a voice of sanity and reason in the Senate.

Patricia Cortez

Elizabeth Warren for President from a Texan! Articulate! Courageous! Smart! To the Point!

Dwane Todd

Elizabeth, I know you think what you are doing is right but you and all in DC are the problem. The Healthcare bill as it is right now needs to go. Have you read the whole thing? I have and let me tell you it will have most of America crying in the next few years. I do not want to be forced to purchase insurance. Maybe if it was a program that made it optional then maybe I would have wanted it. As it is, it is another way to control the citizens. Making it a Tax was also wrong. Fining people who even though you say affordable is not affordable. I had to go 18 years without insurance as there was not even one job I had that offered it and the one that did, I could not afford. I was a waitress making $2.13 an hour and raising my younger sister on my own. We did not have the money to have that kind of a luxuary. Today it is no different for those in the same circumstances. I did not qualify for any state aide. I barely had a roof over our heads and sometimes we about starved. You think the young people in jobs making min wage are going to buy insurance, yeah right! Since this bill was passed it has caused the insurance companies to raise their fees and ours was raised and we even got a nice letter stating it was because of Obama Care. I'm sorry but I don't want this horrific bill that now has over doubled our insurance. In the open market it is the same it over doubled our insurance. You don't understand we can not afford insurance any longer. We never go out to eat and have not been on a vacation because we can't afford to. We are in the lower middle class and with your bill we are paying as much on insurance as someone who make 30,000 more a year than us. Have you even read that bill or have you even seen what it is doing This bill is going to put people out of homes that they worked all of their lives to attain. Why, you ask because they have to cut expenses somewhere and they already cut out any and all luxuary things. We have no idea where we are going to come up with the money to pay for this added tax burden. Our state does not have subsidies either. On top of all of this we just barely got back on our feet as we lost everything in 2011 to the worst wildfire in Texas history. We lost everything! I lost my house, my car, and my jobs. We still have people in our area that are living in sheds because they have no way to recover from this. For your information I belong to no party and never will as I think you are all crooked and I am furious you passed a bill that most of you never even picked up let alone read the whole entire thing, but I did read it. I'm sorry but when they come for us to stand in line to be chipped I will not it. I would rather die than have that RIFD inserted into my skin. I think it is wrong that all of you will be exempt from this horrific bill. I think it is wrong that you expect us to accept this bill. I don't think you realize what your doing in DC. Does our country need affordable health care, yes, but this bill is not it. I want to see you all get on this program and I mean everyone of you, with no exemptions whatsoever! I want to see this bill get put in the trash heap where it belongs. You need to start all over. Passing a bill to see what is in it was negligence on all of your parts in DC. None of you were looking out for the people. The only good thing in the bill was the pre-existing part, but the rest needs to go bye bye. What is your issue with the birth control crap. Why shouldn't those individuals learn to say no and have more control over their own bodies and why do we have to pay for their sexual choices and conduct. It is not the governments business to be in women's bedrooms. They need to take self responsibility for themselves or pay the consequences. Your speech has does nothing to change my mind about this bill. This bill is not fair or right to all the people. It is only beneficial to a chosen few. Also why are you not looking into how 67 million in funding disappeared from the IRS that was to fund this horrific bill. Why is that not being looked into? Why are you trying to force this down our throats? This bill is enslaving us and taking away our rights as free citizen's. People are sick of all of this and my personal opinion is this, if you can't get a budget in 4 years you will never be able to so you all should get walking papers with no pay! I will be fighting for term limits and when your done no pay for the rest of your lives. You all are the welfare recipients as you keep getting paid for life, what is wrong with that picture. You are paid by the people for the people but all of you in DC have forgotten the true meaning of that. Our Founding Fathers would be rolling over in their graves at what you all are doing to our country. The party's need to go as they only divide this great country. You all really need to learn to communicate. Nothing will be accomplished by the Dems ignoring the Rep. and vise versa. You all are acting worse than little children. The President is no better as he is adamant at not compromising. He wants this horrendous bill forced on the American people come hell or high water. You all are making us the laughing stalks of the entire world. The big picture is not even being looked at and by your speech it is evident that you all are only concerned about your special interests. As I watch all of this going on I can only think how childish you are all being. I wish you would all sit down peacefully and come up with a budget and come up with a solution and de-fund that horrendous bill and start over. Playing games and still getting paid for a job none of you are doing! Laura Green

Laura Green

I think its all bullshit. Everytime these public servants are allowed to hold american citizens hostage with their childish tactics. I hate the thought that our political process has developed into the circus it has. The people of the United States are far from lame or stupid....it is easier for us to stand quietly and give the parasites in D.C. & every individual state capitol the benefit if the doubt & hope they understand that when they finally take advantage &take too much without permission they will be taught the constitution & how to protect it the hard way. Learning how to be true to ones self while caring about others is a ling forgotten lesson for political oriented individuals, yet their desire to accumulate personal wealth has multiplied many times over.

bob potts

Why is it that there is no sound coming from the President speech or Ms. Warren speech?

JT Harvey

It is amazing how Sen Ted Cruz can become a Tea Party hero by reading Green Eggs And Ham to his children over CNN and at the same time deny putting food on millions of children's tables because WIC has no funding during this budget crises that he helped to create. And maybe if the Republican controlled Congress had proposed only 35 bills to get rid of affordable health care and five jobs bills this all would be a moot point. Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations and keep fighting the good fight Sen Warren.

Brian Quinlivan

Roll out the red carpet for Elizabeth!! She can't turn the tide alone, just keep that in mind and support her at every turn!

Jacklyn House

Elizabeth Warren said it all! Shut down the shut down or the Tea Party will awaken a sleeping giant of angry Americans, both Democratic and Republican.

Richard Lindstrom
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