Jon Stewart Says Exactly What We Are All Thinking

October 1, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 57 comments

Last night Jon Stewart absolutely killed it, and explained exactly why we are in this mess. WATCH: 

What do you think of the first government shutdown in 17 years? 

P.S. Are you frustrated about the shutdown? Don't get mad, organize. Find out how you can get involved. 

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I work in long term care and every day I am right in the middle of the elderly population that have limited insurance and finances. My concern regarding the affordable care act is the question,"why is congress and the president exempt from this law?" These were amendments after the fact. Weather you are a democrat, republican or a member of the tea party I would think this position of "do as I say not as I do" is a principle that should be fought against.

Jacqueline Poytress

This is absolutely PRICELESS!!! Love it! Jon got right to the heart of the matter as he usually does.

Gloria Courtemanche

Loved it - I wish more people would watch it

Elizabeth Fox

What happened to a government of the people, for the people and by the people? Our elected officials no longer represent our best interests. Rather, the interests of those whose who stuff their suits and bank accounts. Our democracy is horribly broken. Next election, exercise your right to correct this injustice. Vote out EVERY incumbent regardless of their record. It's time to really shake things up!

Thomas Riemer

I think it’s time members of congress are forced into intensive Individual and Group Therapy, along with Conflict Resolution and Anger Management classes for the length of their term and made to PAY for it themselves. I also believe we should hold those key individuals who caused this shutdown; financially and personally responsible. Fined and forced to pay out their own pocket each person they have put out of work with sincere letters of amends written by their own hand. Consequences. These congress members need psychiatric treatment and consequences. They are sociopaths. They have no empathy or compassion for those they hurt. Their lack of resolve has gone on so long it is evident to all of us (especially in business management) that they are mentally and emotionally distorted; toxic; addicted to rage and addicted to their power. Their length of habitual unwillingness to resolve with one another is reminiscent of habitual violent criminals who continue to commit crimes against others; fueled greatly by their addictions. And perhaps brain damage.

T.L. Sammons


Dee Dee Wine

This is the first action out of the Republicans. And, they fulfilled campaign promises that were made since 2010's elections. They promised to shut the government down, and they did.

TK Hill

Actually, the 3 branches of our government are the Executive, the Legistrative and the Judicial.

Anthony Ramsey

OBAMACARE --(because in no way is it affordable right now- or in 2008) - and why it should be defunded. Let’s remember our history shall we? If we look back at the passage of this law it was done not in the public arena and voting booths- but in the American Supreme Court-- the supreme court where Barack Obama had just elected two new justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomeyer) ELENA KAGAN who helped write the language surrounding Obamacare during her years as a Harvard person. In truth Miss Kagan should have been forced to recuse herself from voting. But being an Obama puppet she cast a deciding vote to INSIST everyone buy into the plan regardless of their religious point of view. AND SO DID Sonia Sotomeyer— HOWEVER, Sotomeyer when wishing to take up a crusade for a Louisiana prisoner who refused to take his HIV MEDICINE and was seemingly punished for his not doing so, wrote: that his decision to refuse medication "does not give prison officials license to exacerbate (his) condition further as a means of punishing or coercing him.” I find this most amusing since fining families and businesses for non compliance is a punishment of coercion. Gee, it's almost as if she voted for Obama's wishes instead of legal precedent, too. Now take away Kagan and change Sotomeyer to her belief structure and I believe we have a supreme court that votes down the bill 5-3--- NOW TELL ME AGAIN how it’s the republicans fault for all this debt ceiling crap? And please note: I am a democrat.


Yes, I totally agree with Jon and have in fact been saying the same thing. From what I learned 50 years ago in High School, it would be unconstitutional to derail any law once it is passed by both houses and signed into law by the president. Neither the democrats, republicans, news media and PEOPLE are aware of how our government works!!! People just like to sit in the bleachers, waive the flag and route their side on, with facts being irrelevant. In comparison to the affordable health care ignorance is the favorite quote used by pro gun activists, "we don't need gun laws because guns don't kill people, people kill kill people. Well no poo poo!

Roy Bradley Obama is allowed to delay parts of the law, and Jon Stewart makes fun of Republicans delaying parts of the law? Typical Jon Stewart idiotic followers believe this stuff....

Neil Stewart

I think it is just like the republican to stage this show in their spitful hatetred for Obama. It is also inline with the mind set of the tea party to disregard any one elses life to cut off their income . To them it's collaterial damage for a cause that makes no sense ( much like other casusesthey have come up with),since the law is the law an is in motion. Shutting down the government should not be tied to a law already in affect. It's Backmail, that isn't going to work for them. They should wait and see how the people like the law. Then change it. I believe the are afraid poeple will be ok with the benefits.

Vinny Verderosa

It stinks. They are behaving like children.

Maria Rothstein

If we don't have another year to figure out how to cover the insurance premiums, then we will need food stamps and other social programs to survive. We will soon be no longer self-sufficient.


YES!!!! A SANE voice in the wilderness!! Hallelujah!! Jon Stewart definitely tells it like it is. I live in rural VA where just about everyone feels it is their God-given right to own an assault weapon. Perhaps, hypothetically speaking, those same Republicans who have been saying "no" to stronger gun regulations and have managed to shut down the Government should be nervously looking at their fan base. They, whoever "they" are, will tell you that you are judged by the company you keep.

Carolyn Egeli-Patterson

I think that republicans don't want Obama-care because that would be another program that the democrats have passed that helps the poor people and not the rich.they also want to do away with medicare and social security not because they don't work but because they were introduced by democrats to benefit the poor.

Frank Agustini

Stand firm Mr. President!!! I got your back!!!

Andrew Martin

My opinion of the Government shutdown: First of all I will tell you that my wife is a Federal Employee. She is a dedicated, hard working accounting technician that does her job very well. She has been a Federal Employee for over 30 years. I am neither Democrat or Republican. My overall views tend to side on the Republican viewpoint, but not completely. I certainly would not want to attach my name to that pathetic group of individuals. To the Republican group I ask, if Obamacare is so bad, why did it pass? Did you need to wait to put a large group of people out of work to make your point? Not passing the budget has not stopped the Obamacare process from starting, so what is your point now? The public knows that your only real agenda is to get re-elected. If Obamacare is so bad, why not let if fail, thereby assuring a Republican domination in the next two elections? Or, is it that you are afraid it will work and you will have no chance during the 2014 and 2016 elections? My last question is do you have a budget ready to go that addresses all of the other problems that we all know that exist, or are you just using the Obamacare arguement to cover up the fact that once again, you have not done the only job you are required to do? To the Democrats: I work hard - If I work hard I deserve a chance to get ahead - no one owes me anything - I do not need you to tell me how to live nor do I need you to protect me from myself - keep you noses out of my life - I do not mind helping out people in need, however I despise giving my money to people who do not try to help themselves and are too quick to look to the govenment to fix everything!!! Once again, Government is THE Problem!!!!!!

Greg Pennock

Are you kidding me? Both parties are to blame here. Democrats like Republicans are a bunch of idiots. Ocare is nothing but a mess and was introduced in the wrong time. Economy is down, the middle class is dwindling... give me a break! If Obama didn't give Congress and large corporations a free pass then bad I wouldn't even feel bad if the ACA makes or breaks... But the LAW states in this country that it is enacted by EVERYONE meaning NO exemptions! It's nothing but a mess- and we will still have 20 to 30 million people without insurance... it will soon be called the Unaffordable Care Act.

Joan Reines

Until you read the Affordable Health Care Act don't believe what the media is telling you. I have read it in its entirely, and there are so many scary regulations that I am glad I am on Medicare and and this does not effect me. If you are not on Medicare and do not work for the government I am sorry for you as your life will be totally controlled by the government shortly after all the provisions in this law are implemented.

Mike Yoder

People, think for yourself, read before you open your mouth and show how intelligent you really are.

Mike Yoder

IF any of my posts are actually shown I will be surprised as I think and read before I post.

Mike Yoder

Another not-quite-human in favor of legislation to 'rape' other people's rights. Wow...

L C Ballance

Well, for what its worth, what I think don't make a flyin' flip. Let me see if I understand this correctly. The House is holding the government hostage. So they let it shut down because they didn't like how the other (40+) elections went. So we the ordinary have to suffer.My take on this ; is that someone should take Speaker Boehner hunting.

Andrew Bush

Thank you Jon Stewart for standing up in a way that not only makes us all laugh but motivates us to stand up to this insanity as best we can. Facebook is a good vehicle for that. Spread this video and perhaps it will jar some minds into reality!

Marilyn Wise
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