WATCH: Jon Stewart Calls Out GOP Hypocrisy

September 30, 2013
By Leah Pickett | 0 comments

This clip is a couple years old, but now more relevant than ever in light of the GOP's continuing effort to reward America's rich at the expense of its poor; from cutting food stamps to opposing a living wage, it seems like the GOP just never changes. 

One of the best points in the video occurs starting at about 3:00. Jon's satire at its best: 

"In dollar figures, the bottom 50 percent of this country have 1.45 trillion dollars in everything they own on this earth. So let's see, we take — I don't know — half of that. That'd be, oh look at this: 700 billion dollars... So raising the income tax on the top 2% of earners would raise 700 billion dollars but taking half of everything the bottom 50% have in this country would do the same... I see the problem here: we need to take all of what the bottom 50% have." 

Make sure to watch the part where Republicans complain that America's poor aren't really poor after all, as evidenced by the fact that 99% of them "have refrigerators."At 5:35, Jon replies: "Twenty-five percent have a dishwasher?! Though to be fair, after a 12-hour shift as a dishwasher the last thing you want is to bring your work home with you."



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