WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Ted Cruz "Fauxlibuster" before it's even done

September 25, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

Hate Ted Cruz? Like Universal health care? This Jon Stewart segment has everything a good progressive could ever ask for. WATCH:   

What part of the Cruz Filibuster have you found most outrageous? 

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Jon Stewart is brilliant. Ted Cruz is a member of the Tea Party Cult, and it would appear that he also needs medication (anti-psychotic medication) for his delusional thought process. I'm sure he can afford to pay for it, and doesn't need affordable care. I think someone needs to call a Mobil Crisis Unit and have him committed to at least a 30 day stay in a Mental Health facility. Of course the caregivers would then have to get help for their ultimate PTSD, acquired from having to work with Ted Cruz.

Sandra Bishop-Ebner

Don't call it a filibuster when it was a 21 hour campaign speech.

J Smith
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