WATCH: Jon Stewart and Robert Reich Solve Income Inequality

September 23, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 8 comments

Robert Reich dropped by the Daily Show to discuss his new movie, Inequality for All (watch the trailer here), as usual a thorough and fascinating discussion ensues.

At 2:30 Robert Reich exposes that income inequality is a direct assault on the American Dream

At 2:50 He picks up the Howard Dean mantra, You Have the Power!

At 4:00 He quotes Winston Churchill, telling us to be upbeat.

At 5:00 Jon Stewart sets up a Slam Dunk for why the conservative movement could not be more wrong about income inequality.

At 6:48  Robert Reich lays out some pretty shocking numbers.

At 7:00 Jon and Robert solve income inequality... it's just that simple.

In Part Two, Robert Reich tells you why you can’t give up on politics.

What do you think we need to do to solve this crisis? 

PS Don't forget to sign up to join Robert Reich and Howard Dean on a conference call to discuss Income inequality this Wednesday.  

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Amen for rational people like Reich and Stewart. Will they please run for office?

Angela Cresser

It is sad we have to do a movie to show this. But I am sure you have done a great job. Sometimes we just have to laugh.

Brenda Wayne Wyatt

If this is what it takes to teach people; so be it, Do it. I am sure it will be a great and educating for our American people, and for all people.

Brenda Wayne Wyatt

When one makes a big, sloppy ball of material reality, human psychology, and uncertainty, one gets economics. The complexity presented to us by this messy ball confounds the most powerful of minds. No one understands it, I think. Human psychology is the biggest contributor to the confoundment, I think, and until we have an adequately valid material model of the memory system and the system that hosts thought, we will remain confounded muddlers.

Charles Blackwell

There is hope. the permanent solution is to amend the constitution. The "We the People Amendment" was introduced into the house Feb 14 2013 it is gaining bipartisan support in both houses. We the People is non & multi partisan. Sign on to support at: And in the meantime, while we are working toward the amendment is the American Anti-Corrupption Act (AACA which is also non/multi partisan) is a piece of citizen written and cosponsored piece of legislation that will do much damage control while we are working to pass the amendment:

Michael Stauffer

There is hope. Amend the constitution to permanently overturn corporate rule and money as speech. The "We the People" amendment was introduced into the House of Representatives on Feb 14, 2013 and is gaining bipartisan support in both the House & the Senate. Sign the petition in support of the amendment here: AND The American Anti-Corruption Act. A citizen written and cosponsored piece of legislation that is very comprehensive and will go a long way toward damage control while we are working toward the passage of the amendment. Sign on as a citizen cosponsor here:

Michael Stauffer

I think everyone is missing a very basic point here. The miracle of the USA is that we have the opportunity for a nonviolent revolution every two years. The Tea party understands that, but it seems few other Americans do. When enough people are uncomfortable enough to actually pay attention and elect people that represent their interests, then, and only then, will we see any significant change.

Kevin Shaw

We have become a lesser people so we elect lesser people. We have become stingy intolerant, mean spirited and small; so we deserve the politicians we get.

Pamela Dale
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