Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics

August 27, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 0 comments

Email by Andy Kelley

Seth -- 

The daily violence in Russia against the LGBT community is unacceptable and wrong -- and together we are going to do something about it. 

Since we launched our campaign calling on Olympic sponsor Visa to speak out, tens of thousands of people including you have taken action and folks are starting to take notice. 

Today, Bloomberg news stated in an editorial that unless they speak out against the anti-LGBT violence in Russia and call on the International Olympic Committee to act, Olympic sponsors like "Visa Inc. will be tied to an officially anti-gay Olympics." 

Can you chip in $4 today to help fuel our campaign and keep up the pressure on Visa to speak out? 

Visa has made countless millions from the LGBT community, and even put their name on the “Rainbow Platinum Plus Visa Card," but they haven't taken any meaningful action to help ensure the safety of LGBT athletes and fans for the Winter games. 

With less than six months until the Olympics, it's critical that Visa speak out, as an Olympic sponsor, and urge the IOC to take action. 

Can you chip in $4 today to help us continue the fight to hold Visa accountable? 

Together our voices are powerful, 


Andy Kelley, Online Programs Deputy and Visa Cardholder 
Democracy for America

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