What's up with the gay agenda in Kentucky?

August 19, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 1 comments

The Colbert Report
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It might be surprising, but the smallest town in Kentucky not only elected a gay mayor, but they also passed a LGBT fairness ordinance, too. 

0:00 - 1:07: Just what is Vicco, KY, and who is their mayor?

1:30 - Just what do the people think of Mayor Cummings? 

2:02 - Cummings introduces an LGBT fairness ordinance to the council. 

2:30 - But who stands against it? The local pastor. He's against the entire deal. Why, they should even go back in the closet, according to him.

3:07 - What do the people of Vicco say about the ordinance? 

3:56 - Rush Limbaugh calls it the gay mafia. 

4:40 - The rights ordinance did pass 3-1 through the city council

5:13 - The council, all heterosexual, voted it in.

It's an amazing moment for small-town America. 

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3:56 - Rush Limbaugh calls it the gay mafia.... this was taken horribly out of context. Rush Limbaugh says plenty of things that are anti-lgbt, but you're misleading people by calling the work in Vicco as part of it. It's irresponsible journalism.

Brandon Gallups
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