12 dead and dozens wounded.

July 8, 2013
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Violence in Chicago may down by 27% compared to 2012, but what does that mean when the city marked it's 200th death from gun violence this year over Independence Day

From: Huffington Post12 lives were ended over the weekend with dozens more wounded in street crime. This includes a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old shot in separate incidents. The grizzly weekend was yet another reminded of the work that the government needs to do to curb gun violence, which the NRA believes can be done by discriminating against those with mental health problems.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said the ongoing violence underscored the need to pass legislation to reform gun laws. 

What comes next? Quinn is working against the NRA's heavy influence in Illinois politics, and is ready for a "showdown" over the future of the state's gun laws.

So what separates Chicago from other cities? Its murder rate is traditionally higher than New York City, despite having a significantly lower population. Could it be a tradition of organized crime that dates back to the prohibition era?

Or could it be that it's just easier to get guns? The neighboring state of Indiana is very lax about gun laws, and New York City's criminal justice system was designed to get criminals off the streets during the crack epidemic. Cities like NYC and LA have the advantages of being removed from states that have easy-access to guns. Chicago doesn't have that privilege. 

Chicago's system is starting to work though, picking up a racketeering law aimed at gangs that New York City's had for decades, but for a city that is only a fraction the size of New York City it has a long, long way to go.

Chicago's laws just aren't designed to handle violent gun crime.



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