POLL: 83% of American Voters Support Lowering Student Loan Rates

June 18, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 16 comments

Our friends over at MoveOn.org sponsored a poll done by Public Policy Polling. The results show rare bipartisan support to have student interest rates lowered!

83% of American voters polled by PPP have indicated they want to either lower student loan interest rates, or keep them at current levels. This figure splits in two direction:

  • 41% of those polled expressed support for Elizabeth Warren's proposal to lower them to 0.75%
  • 42% of those polled said they would prefer them to stay at current rates
The partisan breakdown saw 86% of Republicans, 84% of Democrats, and 77% of independents supporting lowering or keeping rates the same.  Large majorities of voters are saying that they would be less likely to vote for their member of congress if they supported raising their rates, and a greater majority would vote to have rates lowered to 0.75% - this breaks down as 60% of Democrats, 54% of independents, and 50% of Republicans.   Senator Warren's bill has the strongest support of those polled, with a 2:1 margin supporting it - this breaks down to 65% of Democrats and 56% of Republicans and independents each. 
Source:Public Policy Polling

There is clear, bipartisan support for Senator Warren's bill to lower student loan rates to the same that big banks pay to borrow from the government. 

Become a citizen co-sponsor and tell congress not to double student loan rates on July 1st!

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Congress needs to reform student loans not make them an even bigger problem. Student loan debt exceed credit card debt. When are these clowns going to stop catering to the banks and start working for the people? Here' s an idea: If they won't work for us, it's time to vote them out!

Leslie Intriago

I have two sons in college that are doing extremely well academically. The amounts that have been paid by student loans will be manageable ONLY IF the interest rates decrease or stay the same. This country's next generation of employed adults should be encouraged to seek education knowing that they won't be in the poor house trying to pay for it later.

Angela Fillingame

Allowing student loans rates to go up will plunge even more middle income people into poverty, but Boehner and McConnell already know this. It's what they want. And after it happens they'll blame the president. It's their sole purpose in life to destroy our economy and then never take the blame for doing it and point the finger anywhere but at themselves.

John Meshna


jim hensley

Student loans have ghosted my son all of his adult working life. A large majority of his salary goes to them. He and his wife have had only one child because they cannot afford another. Their house is in his wife's name and is very small. He had a debt free BA and went to grad school at USC. His loans there came to around 100,000. If he could have made it in the film industry, he could have paid it fine, but his work in film has been spotty. His income has ranged mostly in the 40,000 range. He has always supplemented film with a full time job. He is current on his loan but will never be able to pay it off. If the interest rises, it will take food out of their mouths. He is in his forties now and even though he has been a very good steady worker, he cannot look forward to Social Security because his loans must be paid first. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce Ratcliff

I have 83,000 in loans from my seminary and any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. I value my education immensely, but not the debt.

Thomas Fregoso

We should be doing whatever we can to promote, encourage and applaud students going to college . If student loan rates double less people will attend college. Those attending will be burdened with outrageous debt and will not be able to contribute to the economy.

Cynthia Shake

My career was being a Real Estate agent. During the Bush Administration when the regulations were scrapped and the bankers screwed up the real estate markets my business took a downward spiral. I'm 50 years old now and working toward my degree in an industry that I hope will carry me through the rest of my life. I would like to be able to pay off my education before I'm too old to work anymore. How is it fair when banks get to skate on interest after destroying the real estate markets that were my livelihood and I have to pay high rates to try to get my life back? If the government needs money, start charging the banks and corporations higher taxes and rates. They CAN afford it.

Jean Workman

Young people have a hard time now finding jobs and repaying the loans they have. Why are we going to make it harder?

Elizabeth Barbaretti

Is there anyone in congress who supports the views of the everyday person when it comes to things like Student Loans, GMO labeling and women's health? I think every one of them are not in some corporations back pocket. Not an honest person in the bunch.

Brian Pate

Give our real future the opportunity they deserve.

clayton carmichael

Students need help!

Samuel Schwellenbach

Banks borrow from the fed at about that rate, anything above it is profit to them!

Michael Kaye

Unfortunately......I'm afraid these corrupt politicians have us commoners by the throat and intend to bleed us to the end. I just don't feel there is anything that can be done.......you vote the criminals out of office and another one just finds his way back in. The presidential election is such a total farce for either party. No one with any credibility is ever going to run.

Ronald Lund

It is unfair for banks to get money from the Fed at near zero interest and roll it over and charge student loan holders usury rates. Take the student loan program windfall profit away from banks and administer the program directly, charging kids the prime rate or a few basis points above...

David Mazzo

Students everywhere should get the chance to an education, interest rates are preventing students-many who are very intelligent from attending college. Why doesn't anyone care about the future anymore?

Kaitlyn Vogel
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