WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Addresses the ACS and Blast the Corporate Interests Taking Control of our Court System

June 18, 2013
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From: ACSNote: We couldn't embed the video, but you can catch it here, then click on "Senator Elizabeth Warren," to skip to the beginning of her speech.

Now for the blow-by-blow.

@ 15:45 - Power is becoming one-sided, with deep pockets lining up to push against anything that changes the status quo.

@ 17:00 - Even if powerful interests lose the fight in congress, they turn it into a victory with a favorable court opinion. 

@ 17:50 - There is an intense fight over what the federal court system will look like in the future. 

@ 18:15 - There is a major lack in professional diversity on the federal bench.

According to a study published by ACS earlier this year, as of 2008, the federal appellate bench was "dominated by judges whose previous professional experience is generally corporate or prosecutorial." The study examined the biographies of 162 judges listed in the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary. It found that 85% of the judges had worked in private practice, and also noted that it was "clear from the judges’ biographies that a sizable number of them worked for large, well-known firms that tend to represent corporations."

@ 21:10 - A great quote on Judge Chen: 

At his induction ceremony, Judge Chen was quoted as saying that he never considered withdrawing his name from consideration because, as he explained, “I believe that someone should not be disqualified from the bench simply because they once represented the voiceless and unpopular, rather than the wealthy and the powerful.” Judge Chen is right.

@ 22:10 - Recent data shows a very pro-corporate tilt on the Supreme Court.

The five conservative justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court are in the top ten most pro-business justices in a half century – and Justices Alito and Roberts are numbers one and two – the most pro-business.

@ 22:45 - The extremely pro-business Chamber of Commerce, as well as other pro-business groups have had more and more wins against increasingly conservative courts. At this rate, these courts will be bought and paid for by corporate interests.

The courts have an extreme pro-business bias, and their ability to pick and choose cases is giving it the power to shape the evolution of the political landscape to its, and the powerful corporate interests to give them more power than at any point in recent history. 

See the full transcript of Warren's speech on her website.

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