Senator Warren Smacks Down GOP Plans to Make Profits Off the Backs of Students

June 10, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 4 comments

You can't miss these highlights.

@0:24 - Two issues: money and values. 

@1:10 - "Two weeks ago, House Republicans passed a plan that would produce higher profits off the backs of our college students."

@1:38 - Completely smacks down Senator Coburn's (remember him?) plan to increase the government's interest rates and profits off of students

@2:17 - Outlines the hypocrisy of the system that's rigged against students

@4:06 - "This really is about our values. Have we become a people who will support our big banks with nearly-free loans, while we crush our kids who are trying to get an education?"

@4:24 - The obscene profits that the government makes off of students is morally wrong.

@4:42 - The people are speaking, with 1 million+ signatures in support of student loan reform.

Find the full text to her speech here.

Become a citizen co-sponsor of her bill to give students the same ultra-low interest rates as big banks.



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Elizabeth Warren is the best! She knows what she speaks of; & is a champion of & 4 the people! The REPS R all wrong in this area, as well as just about all policies that they submit! Y R we allowing this 2 happen?? We need the brightest kids 2 reach higher; this requires a college ED. It is totally unfair 2 charge them even a 3.4% interest rate ( never mind , the 6.8%!) The banks don't do a thing 4 the American people ! GREED is abound & this is what we give the lowest rates 2; & sub them?? This is stupid! They R returning 2 their greedy principles that put us in this terrible hole back in 2007/08! Give the students & their families a break; lower their interest rates 2 the same rate that U give the banks & big businesses 4 one year ( 4 a STARTER!)!!

irma polney

Our country is no greater than our next generation. Why would we not want our nation to grow and give backup to our young adults. Please let's look at Senator Warren' s plan? This is a no brainer. I'm curious why we even question this?

MaryAnn Vallis

I support Senator Warrant's bill and wish to a citizen co-sponsor of her bill because it's the right thing to do and our students deserve this. We give big banks far too much in tax pay dollars and not enough to our struggling students. This is the right thing to do for our students and for America.

Anu Patil


Adam Quinn
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