INFOGRAPHIC: Students save THOUSANDS with Senator Warren's Student Loan Bill

May 22, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 16 comments

Student Loans

Back up Sen. Elizabeth Warren!

Become a citizen co-sponsor of her bill to give students the same ultra-low interest rates as big banks.




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Thank you for fighting this fight, Elizabeth. Though I cannot contribute money at this time, I am very interested in supporting this bill... I have three college age children and they have/will incur large student debt. I am confident and optimistic that they will fare OK in this world; but they'll be living with my husband and I for a very long time, unless something changes in favor of young, middle class adults.

Maura Nieuwenhuis

Make it easier for young people to get an education without themselves financially for the rest of their lives

Norm Rosen

Sound highly practical to me.

Shirley Furlan

Allowing our young people to afford an education should be a backbone of our society !!

Patricia Wotton

Student loans should be as competitive as home loans, about 3%. Also a program that waves the principal and interest for community service programs i.e., peace corps and other programs of that nature.

edward jones

Go Senator Warren!! American students DESERVE the support of their government in any way possible, because they make our future bright. Bankers do NOT deserve these low rates, since they've tightened loans and made our past and present very dark for too many struggling homeowners, business owners, and students. Keep pushing for this bill to pass -- I've got your back!

JB McDaniel

Government for the People by the People should prioritize supporting citizens' over supporting coporate banks. As such, our government should offer student loans at interest rates that is as low or lower than the interest banks pay our government for borrowed money.

William Norris

I am a Social Worker, therefore my "pay" comes in the form of making a difference in peoples' lives more than making money. If something does not change I am either going to have to stay forever in deferment/default due to lack of inability to pay, or I am going to have to change career fields so that I can make enough money to afford my education. A lower interest rate would be very effective in keeping me, and many others within the helping fields, working the jobs we went to school for and making our country a better, stronger place.

Cherity Woolf

Thank you. I have about 300k in student loans. I pay about 3k a month for another 20 years. It has been exceptionally difficult to start a family and a life and I am 38 years old. When am I supposed to exhale? I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn but I think the price I have had to pay was not worth it. I will certainly not encourage my children to study medicine and that is a shame

Michael Pallante

I hope that the conservatives of the House and Senate grow a conscience and realize that they need to take care of their students more so than the banks.

Danielle Rock

I support all of Senator Warren's initiatives starting with students getting the same interest rates as the big banks. I also want to see the big banks broken up and their bad behavior that caused the 2008 crash needs to be prosecuted. This behavior needs to be stopped. This country cannot afford any more of the casino banking practices that brought the world to the brink of an economic meltdown. I want to be a citizen co-sponsor of this bill.

Linda Moore

American students stand to grow the economy many times more than banks do. At the same time, student loan debt is a crushing burden to many students, and it creates a drag on the economy, as students must spend large percentages of their income servicing their loans. Short of controlling tuition costs, Sen. Warren's plan to allow students to pay the same low interest rates that massive banks do would make a significant difference in the total loan burden for these students, and it would allow them to play a bigger role in driving our economy as both consumers and investors.

Adrianne Khanolkar

A bill that would actually try to help the middle class in the US! Amazing!

Janet A

The educational system in the US is an International disgrace and in a very short time only the wealthy and their favored friends will be the only persons that can receive an acceptable education. To put over 300 million citizens under their control is not a pleasant picture.

Robert Boldt

For a stark contrast I would like to see a graph comparing U.S student loan obligations with,for example the European Union. My younger son received his Masters in Ireland and his PHD in Finland so I know what the graph would look like but I believe most people would find it interesting.

Robert Boldt

This is just another hit to the middle class. This insanity has to stop!

Nancy Roberts
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