Senator Coburn of Oklahoma to Deny Disaster Relief Until Costs are Offset

May 21, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 3 comments

From: Huffington Post

The tragic events of 5/20 will leave their mark on Oklahoma for years to come. 

With 24 already found dead and hundreds injured, the citizens of Moore, OK could be living with the burden of rebuilding on their own.

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) has already come out saying that the only way emergency disaster funds can go to his own constituents is if there are budget offsets elsewhere. Coburn, who has has long voted against disaster relief across the country, from funding after the Oklahoma City bombing to the Northeast's recovery after Hurricane Sandy, has shown once again that he is unwilling to help those in desperate need after disaster strikes.

John Hart, Coburn's spokesperson has already made the Senator's stance clear:

[Coburn] makes no apologies for voting against disaster aid bills that are often poorly conceived and used to finance priorities that have little to do with disasters.

From: APSenator Coburn's stance on offsetting new spending by cutting existing spending is not always consistent. Coburn has voted for a raft of legislation that funded the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for Hurricane Katrina relief, and the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). ThinkProgress' list of bills from 2005-2008 total $314 billion in new spending, which does not include the TARP bill.

This disaster has come on the heels of Coburn petitioning Homeland Security to slash FEMA's budget by billions in February.

Coburn's dedication to offsetting spending on disaster relief, and taking a principled stance against large deficits has not added up over the years, and his "principled" stance to spend on wars and Wall Street has made it clear his views are not going to be consistent with the needs of those digging out in Oklahoma.

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He is nothing but a total hypocrite. What happened to the oath that you took as a doctor Coburn??????? I would drop you like a hot potato.

Mary ellen Casey

way to go sen. (doctor) coburn. what was it you swore to when you took the oath to become a doctor? First do no harm. but i suppose you've forgotten all about that. may your constituents wake up soon and just boot you out of office so you once again can rip people off as a doctor. seriously.

jack schimmelman

He is shamefully man and he should not be in office at all...Most of the GOP/ tea party care more about big banks(sense 1945 or 46 ) can't go after these people for ripping us off. The same can be said, about big health insurance and big oil and etc. These people can more about the 1 or 2% their own people. I do think it is time for us to take to the street and camp out and bring out the soup lines again.. Coburn gets paid from the lobbies group like banks and etc..He dose what he told to do, get their money and everyday GOP can't or won't see the written on the wall it is easier to blame the DNC and this president then blaming themsleves for no, jobs bill and not a single payer for healthcare. Lets take away there paychecks and there home, healthcare

Theresa Allen
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