Join Us in Supporting Marriage Equality in Michigan

May 15, 2013
By Seth Maloney | 0 comments

75.5% of Michigan Residents Support Same-Sex Marriage

Equality Michigan12 states already have passedmarriage equality laws, and Equality Michigan is working hard to repeal the state's 2004 constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. 

With more than 3/4 of the state in favor of marriage equality, including 56% of Republicans polled, the state is coming closer to repealing the law. 

Why is this important?

We can’t do this without your help. Please sign our petition so that we can keep you up to date on the march toward equality in Michigan. When the curtain comes up on the campaign for civil marriage we will make sure that you have a chance to sign the official petition that will put the repeal on the ballot in 2016.

You can take action by adding your name to Unity Michigan's YouPower petition   and spreading the message to repeal this law today. 

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