Democracy for America Doesn't Have Obama's Back on Benefit Cuts

April 5, 2013
By Alex Showerman | 28 comments

Democracy for America's response to reports that  Obama will be pushing for cuts to Social Security benefits in his coming budget:  
"The news that the Democratic President will be openly pushing for cuts to Social Security benefits is a profoundly disturbing shot across the bow for the progressives who called their neighbors, spent weekends knocking doors and donated millions to reelect him."  
"Let's be clear: President Obama, when it comes to cutting Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits, over 200,000 progressive members of your own party don't "have your back" and we are prepared to fight you every step of the way." -- Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America
  Key facts about DFA's fight against Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefit cuts:
  • A letter, co-authored by Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Mark Takano (CA-D), that vows to vote against any deal with benefit cuts has 30 congressional co-signers, over 200,000 citizen co-signers, and has been endorsed by 20 major organizations including the Democracy For America, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, MoveOn.Org and the National Organization for Women. 
  • The Grayson-Takano letter can be seen at
  • Another 100 members of Congress have signed the Congressional Progressive Caucus's letter opposing any cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits. 
  • Democracy for America has 1 million members nationwide.

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Real Democrats worked hard to get a COLA passed for social security. Retirees were being ravaged in the late 1970's with hyper inflation, brought about by the Vietnam War spending. Why would anyone even consider offering this to be negotiated away? I voted for our President and I even showed up in 2010. Maybe he has a political move in mind that were not seeing yet, kind of like Bill Clinton signing off on bank deregulation. If this is an example of the Third Way count me out. Wake up folks their coming for every thing that's not nailed down. Can you imagine what FDR, Harry Truman and Ted Kennedy would say? Alan F Jones

Alan Jones

President Obama .... I have fought with friends snd family on your behalf because I felt you were the answer to our problems of the middle-class and lower! You are disappointing all your supporters who gave you a 2nd term with the social security and Keystone Pipeline issues!! You need to stay strong for us and let the GOP continue to look like the idiots they are!!! Do not let us down! Use your power to make America proud, once again!!!

Geri Watson

it's so hard to keep supporting the democrats they cave in on everything no spine the republicans cave on nothing it really makes me sick I will becoming an independent

roy clonch

Please, Mr. President, don't disappoint us. We are depending on you. I am a retired person depending on my SocialSsecurity and Medicare. I have family members that depend on Medicade. We fought for your re election. Please show us that you will stick to your word and not let any cuts take place. Also, you have to know the Keystone Pipeline is a big mistake for this country's environment. Don't make us sorry that we have you for 4 more years.

Sharon Jabesn

I voted for and supported you in two elections. I felt you were honest and for the middle class. If you do this, you will go back on your word, but it will not harm you just Hillary and your legacy. Neither opinions of you will be true. I, as most others, hate liars and phonies. You shouldn't go there. Is there just one honest politician out there? If not, we are in deep deep trouble.

Doug Edwards

I was one of many who supported Obama, but must admit I had suspicions that he could possibly prove to be another puppet and liar. With Medicare and Social Security now 'on the line' we will see if the 'proof is in the pudding'' ------

James Massey

He knows that this will never become law. He tied it to revenue increases which he knows the other side will never accept. It's a tool to use against them in the '12 election cycle.

Dennis Roth

I don't know if Pres Obama thinks he is negotiating, but this is a NON NEGOTIABLE issue. President Obama, forget the idea of changing Medicare, Medicaid, social security. THIS IS A BAD IDEA and in this era of lack of jobs, we can't afford to cut these important programs.

jayne berge

Do not cave!! WE voted for you, because you stood for what is right. Stay strong and don't cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. And for fuck sake, don't approve the Keystone Pipeline.

Deborah McColley

Do you want to do what John Boehner wants, for the sake of bi-partisanship, even though it's wrong? It's a tax thing. Taxes are too low on the richest Americans. The Tea Party would NEVER do what you want in the interest of bi-partisanship. There's been quite enough caving in to the unrealistic, unworkable and unfair demands of the right wing--who simply decline to enact needed tax hikes from those who can eminently afford it. They have signed a pledge not to raise taxes. Isn't that a breach of their oath of office?

Rowland Scherman

In the past, Republican presidents have become more conservative in their second term and Democratic presidents have become more progressive. We were all thinking that in his second term, Obama would become the Progressive man who wrote those progressive books and gave those progressive speeches. Unfortunately, Obama has chosen to move to the right and become more cozy with our corporate overlords. No real Democrat would ever condone the idea of pillaging the Social Security Trust Fund. No real Democrat would have an attorney general like Eric Holder - who is afraid to prosecute crooked banks. Obama has caved in to the right time after time and gotten nothing in return.

Frank Smathers

Who's side are you on anyway? You're welcome for the re-election campaigning, the thousands of phone calls and miles upon miles of walking door to door in Pensacola, Florida promising your constituents you would protect their retirement fund with clothes saturated in sweat. I also loved working 80 hours a week and getting paid less than minimum wage with no overtime. Thanks for making me a liar, I really appreciate it.

Ellen Champon

The aging population has worked hard all of their lives to provide for their families while paying into social security (not by choice) with a promise of a benefit in their later years. They count on this money to provide food and pay bills, and count on Medicare to help with naturally growing medical expenses. These programs must not be cut; these programs need to be supported and protected for generations to come. I guess it is not important to the politicians since they have special benefits. What about the average citizen?

Judy Hinman

No CUTS TO MEDICARE, MEDICAID and Social Security!

N Jean Pautsch-Bishop

Two of us use this computer but you only let us sign your petitions once. The following comment is from Jerry Hansen and directed to the President regarding today's Social Security Petition, If you're not with us then you're against us President Obama and Congress. Millions of Democrats and Independents are watching and will be voting in 2014. Leave our Social Security and Medicare alone or the Republicans will take back everything in 2014. jerry Hansen joyce66@centurytel. net Joyce Hansen [email protected]

Joyce Hansen

I voted for Obama as the lessor of 2 evils. He is de facto a moderate republican. Its time for the moderates and progressives to use the tactic so successful for senate republicans and filibuster this and the other regressive acts that will follow. Remember no prosecution or any adverse consequences for torture, jailing whistle blowers, throwing away the ending of the Bush tax cuts, no prosecution of the big bankers crimes after the bail out and on and on. Push your senators to filibuster this first step in the elimination of social security. Obama is going to collaborate with the reactionaries rather than fight. I wish he would act toward the reactionaries as he does killing innocents with his drones.

uriah heep

Mr. President. I have no idea how many hours I spent wholeheartedly campaigning for you in both Presidential elections. I was at the DND in 2008 watching you accept the nomination because I deserved to be because of my volunteer service to your campaign. I have advocated for you through all possible means, yet you continue to disappoint, especially since the second term. I am so VERY disappointed that you have even CONSIDERED putting S.S into your vocabulary at this point. I have always felt that you are a brilliant man, fighting for the middle class, playing a game of chess where you really are a few moves ahead of the game. have trusted and fought for you time and time and time again. Putting S.S into the conversation this week made me feel disgusted and I now believe just as wholeheartedly that you are a puppet, like all the others. I give up, our country is at the mercy of corporate interests and the wealthy. What has become of your conscience and promise to CHANGE our country for the better? You know as well as anyone that S>S is sound and should NEVER be touched! Shameful, in my opinion as an American citizen. The government of many does not represent the whole of us a whit!

Nancy Owen

Obama has no intentions of cutting SS. He knows the GOP is never going to agree to taxes. He knows there will be no deal. Obama is gaming them, he will beat them over the head with this all the way to the 2014 midterm. Politics meets the art of war.

Kelly Cowan

I am retired and on Social Security, and so obviously do not want to see a reduction in future increases (note that his proposal does not cut current benefits, but reduces the amount of future annual increases). That said, in the face of GOP intransigence, the President needs to do something to bring them back to the table. The alternative is the continuation of the sequester, which will hurt seniors far worse than these proposed reductions. Fellow Dems, this is a near-impossible dilemma... let's not follow the GOP lead of refusing to offer anything. It may look good politically, but in the end, we will all be far worse off if the two sides cannot negotiate.

Paul Dreher-Wiberg

Raise the cap on SS and make it stronger not weaker.

Gabe Frlekin

The U.S. economy is suffering because too many people have too few dollars to spend. Cuts in benefits combined with declining wages are exactly the wrong remedy. We need Democrats who will fight for more income for working people.

Bud Ilic

I am on SS.....and lost my job with the termination of a FEMA contract. Stick to the ideology of the wealthy contributing their fair share instead of continuing to beat down seniors and the middle class. No excuse President Obama....we all worked very hard for you......YOU do the same for us.

Marylyn Pettit

Mr. President; Impossible to believe you are resorting to the same tactics that you used in your first term.. We thought the lesson had been learned.. Your move does not signal compromise, instead it is out and out capitulation.. Why have you fallen for the same old same old.. shame on you and shame on you... 1st and 2nd time.. One of your grassroots supporters...

Barbara Snowberger

I call this move the president has proposed fraudulent and a clear act of someone who has become a traitor to the very people who elected him. If I were a conspiratory fanatic, I would go so far to say that behind closed doors, the Republicans groomed Obama to run as a Democrat, even choosing someone who was 1/2 African American (though very light skinned) to make him appeal all the more to the liberalism of Democrats. His actions in office certain do not render this idea as overly ludicrous. I am a middle-aged European American who is very well educated and disabled. I voted for Obama twice. Cut Medicare? Why not just put all of us bothersome disabled on a uninhabited, remote island somewhere and then no one need worry about us any more. It is extremely difficult for me to understand why he seeks further cuts when our cost of living increase this year was a mere 1.79% (or .0179). This increased my check by $20/month. Last year was @3% and the year before, nothing. One trip to the gas station, grocery store, or drugstore amply evidences how ridiculous this is. Even on a Medicare Advantage plan, all of my premium, copays, and other plan costs have skyrocketed. Anybody out there have $277 a month to lay out for 1 of 13 medications during the "donut"? Likely not. Everybody needs to educate themselves about the truisms of Medicare: trust me, it is not a hand-out. I pay more for my Medicare monthly premium and copays than family members do under private insurance. I did not asked to be disabled. I've worked for over 25 years. I did not ask to be raped 4 times; I did not ask for my ex-husband's violence nor that of my parents. I did not ask for other health issues to plague me (e.g., fibromyalgia). I didn't ask for a president who is back-peddling on almost every single point that comprised his election platform. PRESIDENT OBAMA, THIS IS A MAJOR TRAITORIST ACT AGAINST ALL AMERICANS, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO WERE DUPED INTO VOTING FOR YOU!

Lori Khan

Jim is right - where is Howard! Those remaining silent are complicit.

William Mclaughlin
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