When Tea Party Takes Over

March 15, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 3 comments

CPAC 2013 begins and it is clear that the GOP looks more like the Tea Party than ever before.

Despite all the past failures it seems the Republicans are taking their new lead from the disastrous Tea Party movement. From Donald Trump’s offensive ‘birther’ stance to failed Vice President nominee Paul Ryan’s delusions of Obamacare overthrown, the Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, is increasingly out of touch with the American people.

Here’s a list of the top seven most outrageous, problematic, and head-shaking moments seen at CPAC so far (prepare yourself they might be cringe worthy and eye rolling).

1.  Wayne LaPierre: "To protect our schools, we recommend trained professionals with a gun. They recommend scissors. And they say we’re crazy." First, the NRA advocating for zero gun legislation—even with the majority of members in favor of background checks—is kind of crazy. Secondly, we’re pretty sure no one is promoting scissors as part of school security. Arts and crafts, absolutely.

2.   “Grow up and assume the responsibilities of life, it’s fun!”—Michele Bachmann, kids. Bachmann gave a bizarre speech focusing on social media (we think?). She began by stating no one uses Facebook anymore…sweet... Introduced as a “true Tea Partier to the core” and “one of the number one targets” of the Liberal news media,” the congresswoman from Minnesota is a great addition to the nonsensical GOP house.

3.  Marco Rubio walked on to a “One Direction” song. And if you don’t know who that is then congratulations, you are not a teenage girl.  Rubio didn’t even mention immigration—as it would be unpopular with the crowd. Instead, he gave a fairly wishy-washy speech which included a few water jokes—because that isn’t old yet.

4.  “Stale and moss covered,” a surprisingly moment occurred when Rand Paul called out the current members of his own party. However the Kentucky Senator’s hope to revitalize this party would create a whole new third party…so really, he’s kind of at the wrong conference… but moving on.

5.  Donald Trump.

6.  CPAC brings you the man who brought Ted Nugent to the State of the Union: Lou Gohmert. The new member of the US Congress is treated like a Rock Star on the CPAC stage. This guy who has said a series of endless inflammatory, stupid, and outrageous public statements. (remember his ideas of “oververt homosexuality in the military” to “repealing the 17th Amendment”) This guy who has no significant legislation accomplishments whatsoever: thus, he is the GOP Tea Party Elvis, naturally.

7.  Alas, Mitt Romney returns. Nothing like starting a new chapter with the old one that failed - and Texan Gov. Rick Perry mocked as not a true conservative. Romney give CPAC his first public speech since his 2012 defeat because—well, we’re really not sure why.

All in all, one thing is abundantly clear: the GOP is tied to the Tea Party more than ever before—from the guest list onward it is clear this Republican party is indeed the Tea Party. From Rick Perry’s cries for a true conservative to take the Republican nomination (because Romney was not conservative enough…) to their continued efforts to hurt middle class American families by shunning education, healthcare, marriage equality, and women’s rights—CPAC is a celebration of all that is wrong with the GOP Congress.

For 2014 DFA is committed to taking the house back for the people. Let us know what you think of the Republican Tea Party. 



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LOOK AT THIS LIST: all government services, financial crashes, bailouts, tax breaks & loopholes, subsidies corporate, oil, banks, etc, illegal offshore tax havens / shelters, cooperate tax cheats, billions to foreigner countries & companies. our systems are broken & to many of the wrong people are in power. Republicans / tea party have set NEW RECORDS! LEAST BILLS PASSED IN HISTORY & LEAST DAYS WORKED. THE OBSTRUCTIONIST that have caused the work days to be 2-3 days a week. If we are lucky they work 25 wks out of the year. We need republicans that will compromise! We have had OVER 390 FILIBUSTERS & we have huge problem with the lobbyist & groups like (ALEX). Rigging of voting districts is a huge problem & happening in many red states where republicans are in power. In many states they are giving the rich more tax breaks. Then increase the sales tax for the middle class & poor to pay for the loss of income to the state. Do we need to get rid of the electoral college system? VOTING DISTRICTS should be 1/3 rich, 1/3 middle class ,1/3 poor. Make them all run on issues for all of us . (make all lobbyist illegal) We have about 70 lobbyist or more that are foreign & domestic for each senator & congress person. The tea/party group have rigged even their government web sites to receive only emails from their zip code areas. WOW WHAT A JOB THEY HAVE they get pay & benefits from our tax dollars and EXTRA PAY & BENEFITS FROM: the Kock brother, lobbyist, rich 1%, special interest groups, big corporations, banks, oil & insurance companies etc. WATCH THE MOVIE (INSIDE JOB) AIG'S SPECIAL LITTLE DEPARTMENT CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation ) Some of these people should be in JAIL! An investment-grade security backed by a pool of various other securities. CDOs be made up of any type of debt, in the form of bonds or loans, & usually deal with mortages . THIS WAS A HUGE PART OF OUR FINANCIAL DISASTER! MAIN-STREET IS STILL HAVE PROBLEMS & MANY FORECLOSURES . They should pay money to main-street for their parti in hurting MILLIONS OF PEOPLE & HOMEOWNERS & SOME SHOULD GO TO JAIL. Make them accountable. Break up the banks ONLY 1/3 OF OUR BANKING REGULATIONS ARE IN PLACE. The rest is being stopped by the republicans / tea party that have a safe rigged voting district and are CONTROLLED BY THE 1% LIKE THE GREEDY THE KOCK BROTHERS! GREEDY BILLIONAIRE DAVID KOCH CONTROLS MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. HE CONTROLS THEM TO VOTE NO ON FEDERAL AID FOR SANDY VICTIMS. Steve Lonegan head of the local AFP billionaire's organization( Americans for Prosperity) state chapter, called the aid package a "disgrace." "This is not a federal government responsibility," Lonegan told reporters. "We need to suck it up and be responsible for taking care of ourselves." David Koch Takes Aim at Hurricane BILLIONAIRE DAVID KOCK HAS A MINDSET OF ANY RAND LIKE PAUL RYAN IS THIS CHRISTIAN? WE MUST REFORM OUR UNFAIR TAX SYSTEM! 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They give themselves pay raises, top medical, top benefits, top pay, excellent protected retirements plans & are paid extra for each commitee they are on. They have formed in far to many areas a rigged voting district for a lock & win every election time. This has caused us a huge problem for the last 2 years & will not go away until we make them change the system. FOR OVER 10 YEARS THE SYSTEMS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO MAKE THE RICH GET RICHER & MAKE MAIN-STREET PAY A UNFAIR SHARE! VOICE YOUR OPINION http://my.barackobama.com/Survey WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE ELIZABETH WARREN & BERNIE SANDERS IN POWER! WE NEED THE BUFFETT RULE! GO BACK TO THE CLINTON TAX RATES THAT WORKED! JOBS & STIMULES SUPPORT ELIZABETH WARREN ON THE BANKING COMMITTEE! WE NEED TO REBUILD MAIN-STREET USA! Dennis -- AIG made reckless bets that nearly crashed our entire economy. 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Ignorance is alive and well in the Tea Party and big money loves it.

Brad Bleich

The tea party supposedly bases its beliefs on the constitution and the ideals of the "founding fathers", yet never acknowledges that the constitution never mentions abortion, automobiles, nuclear weapons, assault weapons, homosexuality, slavery, voter suppression, etc. Clearly we are in modern times and need to think outside of the constitution for solutions while respecting human rights, our basic freedoms (speech, right to fair trial), and the needs of the poor. And the constitution never states that this is a christian nation. The tea party also distorts the idea of the 4th amendment. The tea party fails to bring the topic of globalization to the public. We as a country need to address current technologies and trade practices and evaluate what course we should take (GMOs, outsourcing, energy efficiency, jobs, automation vs. human work, the environment, corporate welfare, etc.)

Matthew Peterson
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