Crazy Cruz gets crushed by Feinstein

March 14, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 26 comments

At today's committee hearing in the U.S. Senate on gun control legislation, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) purposely challenged Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)-- posing a question regarding the constitutionality of new gun laws, freshmen Cruz lectured Feinstein, who has sat on this panel for 20 years, about the language in the Bill of Rights. Sen. Dianne Feinstein did NOT hold back for a moment in firing back at Cruz.


"Senator, I've been on this committee for 20 years. I was a mayor for nine years. I walked in and I saw people shot. I've looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. I've seen the bullets that implode. In Sandy Hook, youngsters were dismembered." Sen. Feinstein is of course a long standing supporter of gun violence prevention. From her personal experience with assassination of Harvey Milk in California--Feinstein has been actively fighting for better gun violence prevention. This isn't the first time she's been attacked for her views. For years, Feinstein has faced off against the NRA and gun lobbyists. When Sen. Cruz attempted to undermine her position, she quickly responded.

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When is Sen. Cruz up for reelection?

Michael H. Menna

If you look at this situation rationally, you will see that there are all kinds of restrictions on free speech. You cannot use free speech to incite a mob to riot, for example. You cannot deliberately slander someone and use your right of free speech to excuse that behavior. All respect to our founding fathers, but I am confident that when the Bill Of Rights was considered and written, the men involved had no idea how far modern weapon would evolve. Should we all be allowed to assemble nuclear bombs in our basements? We need to be reasonable here. Nobody is even close to suggesting that the right to bear arms is going to be done away with. However, as a society we must be willing to reconsider our laws as technology advances to make sure that neighbors fighting over a barking dog do not have the weaponry to anilihate each other. We must consider whether convicted criminals or dangerous mentally I'll people cannot get weapons because if they can get them in an uninstructed way, they may eventually be the only ones left on the planet.

Claire Henrichs

Good for her. BTW, the 2nd amendment states :" A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Ted wanted it to say that the right to bear (virtually any) arms shall not be infringed and totally forget about the "well regulated" part. Dianne asks if people should be allowed to have bazookas. Where does one draw the line? To take Ted's view, how can you draw the line? No infringement to arms is allowed. (As if our founding fathers could foresee the weapons we have now.) Stinger missiles, anyone?

Dave Bakay

Sen. Cruz. was trying to impress the NRA and the gun lobbyists with his "I know the constitution" rant. Sen. Feinstein did the right thing, put junior in his place. Evidently. he wanted to use his word "prohibit" instead of what the bill said trying to upstage the writer. Here comes another one of those TEXANS.

James Thompson

You go Ms. Feinstein


Cruz is lucky that she didn't let him have it much worse. She's certainly capable. I'm sick to death of the showboating CLOWNS who just spew ignorance for the sake of hearing their own voices. Do these NRA backers need to SEE the photos of the slaughtered children of SandyHook? What in the name of God is wrong with them? (It's all about money.) Until one of their own children is killed, they will play games with the rest of America. Shame on them! Nobody needs these weapons for 'sport'. No one needs to collect them ... or stash them for a civil war. We all need to safeguard our children. Who will be next?

Helen Casteel

Personally, I thought she was rather restrained in her response to that idiot.

Nancy Mandowa

I have lived in Texas for the last 30 years. Believe me, not all Texans are anything like this "empty suit" Cruz. Unfortunately, his rhetoric designed to scare people, sometimes works. He is pandering to his base and the special interests who finance his campaigns. I believe, in time, sanity will win out and, as a society, we will do the right thing.

Roger Grant

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans, who are not informed, and watch this clip could easily be swayed by Cruz, especially since Feinstein and Leahy sound tired, inarticulate and passive-which-by the way- paved the way for extreme Republican views- a Democratic Party without any reason to change the status quo and is easily intimidated. You can bet this clip made the rounds on all Republican propaganda sites. I think they easily won this exchange, Cruz made Feinstein squirm, and I consider it far from "explosive." Especially when you watch the British Parliament. This is evidenced in part by Feinstein apologizing to Cruz- for what? This apology would be like Pete Seeger apologizing to Senator and fascist Joe McCarthy....and watching the whole session on c-span - Cruz and other Republicans left and didn't think it important enough to stay and continue the debate. We're in for more shock and awe as the Democratic Party is not that much different in terms of actual policy-making then the Republicans (not speeches not rhetoric but action) as long as they are indebted to major corporations and Wall Street.

Kathryn Jones

Unfortunately, this young congressman was born with an amazing resemblance to Joe McCarthy and unfortunately seems to be working with a similar mentality.

Dan Brasier

I'm glad Feinstein shot back. Cruz is towing the right-wing line that the government has no place regulating guns because of the 2nd amendment. Quite unfortunately for Cruz is the fact that the 2nd amendment, in reality, as Dave Bakay points out in his post, EXPRESSLY MANDATES REGULATION OF GUNS... in fact, it is constitutional that guns BE REGULATED. Even the framers of the constitution were afraid of the Ted Cruz's and his friends at the NRA that would emerge later to pervert the constitution.

James Clark

I think Senator Cruz has a very valid point. I think Senator Feinstein has been there way too long and is part of this countries problem. We keep electing these people over and over again. We need new blood in the Senate and Congress.

Ronald Cullen

I'm with Senator Feinstein. Constitutional amendments do not give limitless powers, regardless of public safety. You do not have the right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater or commit of libel and slander. The second amendment concerned "a well regulated militia" as "being necessary to the protection of a free state". If you are about to shoot innocent people, and someone can "seize" your gun, that "seizure without a warrant" is justified. With rights come responsibilities. America is less safe than much of the world due to our reluctance to enact sensible gun legislation. The tolerance of massacres denies citizen rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

Deborah Stucklen

If the "founding fathers" meant to establish the right to keep and bear arms in the sense that Sen Cruz sees it, why didn't they just leave out the part about "a well-regulated militia"? BUT IT'S IN THERE. If people are looking for clues to the "original intent", here's a clear case where the ff's went out of their way to provide one.

John Yaeger

I frankly, don't like the way that she is talking with a minority candidate because he is a Republican but he is Cuban immigrant. So, she is sending the message to the population in Florida that she is doing what she was doing in the past because she is white. Do you think nobody know that she was a full supporter of the NRA and later she switch to the other side? I think she it is not the right example to follow. I support president Obama on gun control, but we need to find the right Senator to deal with that issue because is very erratic the fact that we can see videos online that in the past she was doing something different that she was doing today. For that reason, term limitation is the best way to go. The leader cannot lose the moral and later claim, I know what I am doing, respect me. In what way the people going to respect her when they can see the videos of her lying?

Lazaro Javier Garcia

Ted Cruz thinks he is so smart just because he happened to get elected. He needs to pray for humility and common sense. As Sen Feinstien said so well, we who are looking for gun control are asking for the removal of military style weapons in the hands of the general public. Ted Cruz is full of hot air and an enormous ego!

Louise Delisi

So, what I am trying to say, she is giving good window of opportunity for the Republicans and Democrats voters think again about the old argument that Abraham Lincoln was Republican and by the way that she was closing their argument saying you came from different place from I came, I think was totally wrong the way that she answer that silly question. She is sending the message to the voters in Florida Democrats, we are more racists than the Republicans and she is victimizing a minority future candidate for the presidency GOP in front the voters. She is not helping president Obama. She lose answering one question. That it is not a good deal for me.

Lazaro Javier Garcia

In my humble opinion, I think teddy cruz is a teaparty whiner and an arrogant ass. I wish Feinstein had wiped the floor with his smirking chimp act. When will he be put in his place? Ms. Feinstein was way too nice. What do you think cruz and his ilk say behind closed republican legislative doors? We need some big time democratic theater in the well. I'm watching c-span and the dems are way too nice. That might have worked in the olden days/pre teaparty days, but it isn't working now. We have to stop these teaparty opportunists from turning our country into a millenialist, scardy cat, gun toting, brain damaged free for all.

Carol Witbeck

This article seems to have it backwards. I would like to think that the Constitution trumps emotional outbursts from politicians no matter which side of the subject they may be on.

Chuck Hathaway

Molly Ivins would be proud of the Senior Senator from California. woohoot DiFi!

Susan Rowe

Ted Cruz doesn't seem to understand why he was elected. Nor does he understand what the 2nd amendment is about. The 2nd amendemnet isn't meant to be cut up and reworded to satisfy the gun companies and gun lobby nor the NRA. It was written as an answer to the British subugation of the American colonies, and as an answer to any other country that wishes to prod us into battle. It has nothing to do with weapons of war being used by the common citizen. Me thinks he needs a crash course in Constitutional law. thank you for allowing me to comment Albert W. Martinez

Albert Martinez

So what happened to my comment?

Dawn Hill

I take offence at Cruz's wording of guns. It makes it sound as if this a ban is of all guns.

Leslie Langley

Does wisdom count over arrogance and attempted one-up-manship? Yes to Sen. Feinstein.

Kathryn McKenzie

I applaud Senator Feinstein for her remarks to Senator Cruz from Texas. Perhaps in Texas it seems enough to execute those convicted of these heinous crimes (even those that could be potentially innocent), after all they lead the nation in death penalty convictions and executions. However, in CT and many other states, prevention of these crimes and saving lives is more important than the number of rounds one can fire in their weapon before having to reload. Doesn't seem to make much sense, but that is obviously the way this Senator and his constituents think, at least until the next election. He may find that he was wrong about this.

pamela defilippo
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