Meet the Man Behind Romney's 47% Video

March 14, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 1 comments

Last night The Ed Show featured an exclusive interview with Scott Prouty - the man who filmed Mitt Romney's true colors.

Watch here:

Prouty's sincerity makes this story all the more compelling. He felt strongly the American people needed to know who they were REALLY voting for. That is why he chose to put out the video--NOT for political or personal agenda, but because America needed to know the real Mitt Romney.

What did you think of the 47% video?

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In a world where so many are against the wall w/problems & crisis' of their own, it's refreshing to see hero's of this caliber just come out of nowhere & almost single-handedly save the nation from another conservative disaster of an administration. The way corporate media was playing election coverage, it was a tossup, so whatever our individual votes, we couldn't go wrong. & w/that bogus assessment, the nation was willing to gamble again. Thank U Mr. Prouty for snatching the dice out of the hands of prospective conservative voters who were ready to do 'THAT' to the nation - AGAIN!

Nathan Walker
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