Senator Elizabeth Warren - DFA All Star

March 8, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 1 comments

Democracy for America has proudly supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren from the beginning. DFA believes in Sen. Warren strong advocacy for the people and her fearlessness to call out the powerful banks and hold corporations responsible for their actions.


On The Colbert Report, Elizabeth Warren spoke out about her support for financial regulation that will put laws back in place and rein in Wall Street, as Chair of Congressional Oversight Panel.


At her first DNC ever, Warren gave a strong speech declaring: “Corporations are NOT people!” Warren was a strong force as a candidate for the US Senate, as showcased in her speech her commitment to progressive values is why DFA stood by her.


Now the Senior Senator of Massachusetts,  Sen. Warren is a powerhouse on the Senate Banking Committee. Her refusal to let the banks slide sets her a part from any previous committee member. DFA is a proud supporter of her progressive voice. Warren's efforts are exactly those which she campaigned on and she is doing exactly what she set out to do from the beginning of her run.

Elizabeth Warren has only been in the Senate for two months and already we have seen her in action doing exactly all that she promised. We're proud to have supported Senator Warren. She represents an honest candidate who acts on all her promises to the American people and citizen's of Massachusetts. Her unwavering support for American families is highly commendable.

We support candidates like Sen. Warren who truly make a difference and bring about real change. What's your favorite Elizabeth Warren moment?



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Thank you, Senator Warren for working & fighting for justice. Please continue. === I have no "one" moment. Every moment is prize-winning.

Anne E Malcolm
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