Gabby Giffords Won't Stop Fighting Gun Violence Till Congress Acts

March 7, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

GABBY GIFFORDS: Be bold. Be courageous. Please support background checks.

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Astronaut Mark Kelly and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords continue their fight against gun violence today in the place where Giffords was shot just two years ago. The couple has vowed not to stop or slow down their efforts till something is done. They have met with many members of Congress and the Senate. They have visited the White House—including the State of the Union. They have formed a political action group and have continued to put forth powerful ads. Even 'A rated' NRA politicians can agree, background checks will definitely make an impact and help fight for gun safety. In the video, Kelly responds that he and Gabby have both spoken with their Senator in Arizona, John McCain and are confident he will lead and do the right thing.

The National Rifle Association has blocked research for too long. We must continue to push effort for better prevention against gun violence now. Congress needs to act today. Join DFA and call upon our representatives to take action.

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