Invasive Ultrasounds Long Overdue in Wisconsin!?!

February 15, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Republicans of Wisconsin are proposing a bill that would force women to undergo vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion.

According to WI Majority leader, Scott Fitzgerald, “This bill is a priority--long overdue” ....excuse me!?!?!


Rep. Chris Taylor, D-Madison, is the former public policy director for Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. She says requiring an ultrasound to be performed before all abortions would mean an invasive procedure for women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant.

This is the very same thing that is happening in Michigan (Read more here) . The right to control our bodies, our privacy, and our lives is fundamental to all Americans, men and women. It's a right that we need to defend.

Democracy for America members are mobilizing to push back and your support could go a long way. Please join DFA and stand up for women’s health. The Tea Party's war on women must come to an end. We can no longer have politicians whose "priority" is to restrict women's rights.



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