"They Deserve a Vote" Watch

February 13, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Last night we all watched as President Obama stood up for the victims of gun violence. re-WATCH this historic State of the Union moment here:

The President's leadership is unlike any we've seen from the nation's commander in chief before. In a room with over 100 relatives of gun violence, the moment was especially powerful for its impact on the audience. It is one that will surely be remembered in the years to come. As for the green ribbons, they were worn in honor of the victims of the Newton, Conn. elementary school shooting. We must strive to capture this moment and end gun violence once and for all.

Don't let more American's lives be torn apart. Watch John's story here:

DFA continues efforts to push Congress to pass gun safety legislation. Sign our petition here and call for greater gun violence reform. After all, we do deserve a vote.

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