The scenery on the road

January 3, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Someone asks me what the life dream is, I didn't think so far as well as did not think too complicated. Every time I pass a drugstore is that is happy family, don't know Links London Sweetie Bracelets why the medicine injection is actually good things, links of London jewellery and every memory is not describe the flavor. I want to open a links of London store, so I was sorry to those who are not interested in how and fear. On paper, so I painted dark lines. Then found near future in front, life is what appearance, I don't want to be perfect, also need not what splendor in the family, to work in a small company to links london earring find love, after open a princess diaries that links of London UK jewelry store, do you want to do, each person in the dream before should also do not want to do, I want to earn money after can hold a sweet home, can not sorrow eat not to wear, occasionally links of london sweetie ring journey home decoration, travel for the life that is enough. After the best I can have a daughter, I think she must than mother more beautiful, big eyes, deep black pupil, with links of London sweetie bracelet jewellery and sweet links of london necklace mouth. I'll take care of a princess so as to her good life, and in her room and the doll, the bud silk can let her have long hair, she dressed up like a princess equally beautiful, will give her perfect life and environment. She must not do well, sometimes also can have little naughty, will break the vase dirty sitting at home, the wall with dogs will hide the mess at home. I will provoke links of london necklace angry onto my shoulder a childish voice say sorry. She must love her mother, like mother love her. After school every day will come to store at the table for mothers, quiet after finishing the homework is right, the more friends or a man running in the street links of london charm bracelet in crayons good grid. For the study, I'll let her tandem wheels, and to the good, because it is the mother childhood dream, there will be good to her mission, everyday wear shoes in the doorway, skating and fell will climb up the strong clap dust, occasionally shout at my mother, the better. Must have a moment, links of London charms, and the smile is most important. Until her junior high school of time, I think I should be worried if she can't do a good boy let her go to experience, at least it is everyone will go a long way, links of London necklace, regardless of how much she now not obedient, she must grow. Because she and her mother. About love, maybe nobody will accompany me to go too far, I want that kind of simple life is too complex, this is a mature man, put childish idea, returning to the links london real life, everyone would grow up one worry, best can grow old together. But it will also hand in hand for elderly with two of life, but I hope one. At least I can for his thoughts and worry, he was in the outside world to take home in my body, whether the resolved began his brows wrinkle much malformation, links of London watches see my time will release a gentle smile, no matter what I would have been around, because I believe him. He need not too good, too perfect, just understand links of london jewellery tolerance of mature man; I take care of my rights with men, with links of London ring, and good wisdom sometimes naive childish, more important is to know my mom and dad understand love.



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