WATCH: Morning Joe Calls Out Republicans

February 7, 2013
By Allie Gregory | 0 comments

Today on Morning Joe, Former Congressman, Joe Scarborough called upon the Republican party to stop the ‘insanity’ and pass gun safety legislation.

"I have to ask my republican brother and sisters this morning, are you really going to be captive to the Wayne LaPierre survivalist wing of the NRA and be in the 7% of extremists that are going to be against keeping guns out of the hand of felons?" -Joe Scarborough

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According to the latest poll from Quinnipac University, 56% of registered voters nationwide are in support of an assault weapons ban. Moreover, 92% of Americans across the nation support universal gun background checks. As Scarborough said, the GOP can no longer stand idly by and ignore the American people. The Republican party has been swept up by Tea Party and the gun manufacture's lobby, the NRA, for far too long--to the point where it is simply irrational.

DFA calls for no more nonsense. We continue to work towards issues of gun safety. Sign our petition here and Stand against gun violence.

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