Former Staffer Accuses Michelle Bachmann of Campaign Finance Violations

January 16, 2013
By Lucas Acosta | 1 comments

Someone's Gotten Caught

News is coming out that Michele Bachmann potentially used funds illegally during her unsuccessful bid for the presidency in 2012. Dropping out after the Iowa caucus, Rep. Bachman is being accused of breaking independent Super-PAC finance rules, as well as illegally using campaign funds to pay for campaign consulting.

The buzz is swirling around the use, and payment of one of her senior advisors Guy Short. Short was paid over $104,580 by her campaign’s Super-PAC, but supposedly worked instead as a campaign senior advisor, violating campaign finance laws regarding Super-PAC’s. Super-PAC's are ruining American politics by making candidates more influenced by special interest, than their constituants. Help us  take down Super-PACs for the next cycle and take down the Tea Party majority in Congress.

Peter Waldren, the disgruntled former staffer currently spreading the news, is also claiming that Bachman is continuing to withhold money owed to staffers in order to gain their silence regarding the last few weeks of the campaign.

In her most recent congressional campaign Bachman beat her opponent Jim Graves by 4298 votes out of the 350,000 cast despite having a district where Republicans are strongly favored to win. This information, should it be true, could prove useful should Graves or the DCCC target Bachman’s district again.

Join us (and donate if you can) if you want to help House Democrats take back the majority in 2014.

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