Top Democrats: No Debt Limit Battle for Us

January 14, 2013
By Lucas Acosta | 0 comments


Holding things hostage seems to be a theme of the Tea Party Republican Congress. First it was Sandy victims, and now the threat of the debt ceiling. However, top Senate Democrats today signaled to President Obama that should the Tea Party attempt to recreate the events of the summer of 2011, the President should use the 14th Amendment and unilaterally raise the debt ceiling.

In a letter to the President, Harry Reid, the lead signer of the letter, wrote “defaulting on America’s legal obligations would undermine the American economy and spread global economic havoc.” He goes on to argue that the President should make it known that he will not allow Republicans to ignore the obligations that are the “responsibility of all Americans.”

Lets stand with Reid and not allow the Tea Party Republicans to cause economic havoc in our country. Sign here to tell Congressional Democrats "Abolish the Debt Ceiling"    What do you think about this letter? In your comments tell us how you feel about the executive taking this power from the legislature.

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