Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, Issues Statement on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

December 14, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 10 comments

For Immediate Release: December 14th, 2012

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Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, Issues Statement on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy

Burlington, VT – Today, Jim Dean issued the following statement on the tragedy in Newtown, Conn.

We are absolutely stunned and saddened by the horrific tragedy that has taken place in Newtown, Conn. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, children, families and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are all in this life together and we all must come together for their sake as well as ours.


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The NRA has captured this issue to our collective shame. It is well past time to change that dynamic. Sensible gun control laws are necessary and prudent. The right to own does not trump the right to be safe for all of us, especially our children. Everyone was armed in the Wild West. If it made sense then we would all be walking around with gun belts strapped on. Hunters and shooting enthusiasts can have their guns (non-assault weapons) with enough control to make all of us safe.

Jack Rose

I no longer support electronic petitions having registered hundreds of voters over the years. I need to know more about your organization, then I may join. I already belong to so many. I just wonder if my memberships in Vote Vets and Move On won't be diluted by yet another organization. I have not made up my mind. Sell me.

Dean Tiernan

I am highly motivated to do what I can to reinstate the assault weapons ban. I am only one person, however. I am glad to see that DFA will be among the organizations working on this urgently while the reason for its necessity is fresh in everyone's mind. I have not engaged my local DFA group lately, but I sure would love to give them something to do around this issue, particularly if DFA had some sort of advice on what we can do as a group to have some impact.

Justin Paglino

This is the worse Tragedy. All of the young children has just torn our hearts apart. We have had a few mass killings just in this year, 2012. This one is the most heart wrenching. We need Assault Weapons banned. We need to make laws on the loop holes of Gun Shows. Enough of the NRA's money mill buying off politicians. Enough of the Pro Gun money buying politicians. This is not democracy. Our voices are tuned out with all the money Special Interests pump in to get their way. The NRA. ALEC. It has to stop now. We need to do something. Too many have lost their lives this year because of guns.

Susan Pateracki

The violence in our society has come home to roost The worship of our military and its excesses is a definite sign of a very sick society. I say that as a veteran of six years service.hat gives the moral authority to invade countries under false pretenses kill thousands of civilians displace many thousands of people from their homes and loved ones under the guise of bringing DEMOCRACY to those unfortunate souls. Now the violence has come, thanks to our elected ?LEADERS? WHO DO THE BIDDING OF THE NRA regardless of the terrible consequences. If any of these self appointed PATRIOTS Need to have rapid fire weapons, let them join the the ARMY. They all kinds of them.

JIM Tomkins

As a gun owner, I think its time we do what we can to minimize the senseless murders we are experiencing as a country. For too long this issue has been controlled by lobbists and special interests. Banning assault weapons won't deal with the human nature of the problem, but doing so will at the very least slow down the speed with which a murderer can take lives.

Bill Shipp

Outlaw assault wepons, now. I will do anything I can. I want to get a petition, so I can get it signed by everyone I come in contact with. Please send me one. I want the people to read it and sign in person. Thanks

Marilyn Epstein

In 2010, over 200 children were killed in drunk driving "accidents". Yet, I see no calls to ban cars, or alcohol. More people are BLUDGEONED to death in the USA every year than are killed by firearms...how do you propose to stop them? Timothy McVeigh used a FERTILIZER bomb to murder 168 folks, 19 of them children. Could any other murderer not do something similar in the absence of firearms? I own firearms...none of them has ever hurt anyone and it will stay that way unless my family and/or I are subject to unwarranted violent aggression. Additionally, MILLIONS of Americans own so-called "assault weapons" (which are nothing of the sort)...I guess its okay with you to make potential felons out of these otherwise law-abiding citizens and to remove their property without any thought of proper compensation. Go ahead, "moderate" my comment...but I assure you, I am FAR from alone.

Heartland Patriot

The President, govenors and mayors should urge people of good heart to turn in all assault weapons. The image of piles of this garbage being run over by bulldozers could be transformational. Shame on the NRA and spineless legislators.

gene humphrey

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Saimon Hafizali
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