I Thought Michigan Was a Blue State... Why Did they Pass RTWFL?

December 13, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

That is the question many of us have asked since Governor Snyder signed the "right-to-work for less bill." Recently Rachel Maddow gave a very clear explanation of what we are up against: 

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In 2010, progressives sat on the sidelines, while and older and whiter electorate went to the polls. The result? States that have gone for President Obama the last two elections have gerrymandered legislature lines. This has had an enormous impact on the way these five states residents are represented on both the state and federal level. 

The implications of this are huge. Michigan becoming a right to work state is just a bump in the road-- If you examine the those five states and re-appropriate the seats based on the popular vote you have a net pick up of 13 seats for Democrats in Congress. That is just four seats shy of the majority. 

Unfortunately, what this tells us is the fight for progressives over the next two years and beyond is going to be difficult, and we need everybody all in. Our question for you is, how do you think we best organize to fight back against the GOP gerrymandered districts? 

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We are victims of gerrymandering in PA. I cannot believe a working class state like Michigan ever came under Republican control. It is really amazing that judges just approve these plans. We did fortunately get one of the redistricting plans overturned. We will can never leave our guard down.

Larry Miccicke

Rachel is quite right about the gerrymandering. That explains how the GOP kept control of the House of Representatives while losing the aggregate national popular House vote by a wide margin. The only cure for this, since censuses come once every ten years, is time. Demographics are changing, and districts that now have a majority of old white men (gun owners, reality deniers) will shift to having more Hispanics, while the old-timers die off and younger people get more politically involved. We see it happening with gay rights. It will take longer with economic issues because fifty years of relentless right-wing propaganda have left even President Obama confused about how to handle persistent high unemployment and budget deficits (see Reich and Krugman for the correct approach).

Edward Syrett
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