BREAKING: Michigan House Passes "Right To Work For Less" Bill

December 11, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 8 comments

While this is going on out side, the Michigan House passed the bill to make Michigan a "Right to Work for Less" state. Folks, this is HUGE. Michigan has a rich tradition of labor fighting for workers rights and fair wages. 

We must not let this bill pass in the state that unions built. There is still one hurdle for it to clear, and that is Governor Snyder. We must make it clear that  if he signs this bill it will be the end of his political career. How do we do that? Flood his office with calls. Here's how: 

1. Call the Office of the Governor: (517) 335-7858

2. Say something like this:

Hi, my name is _________, from ___________.

As a Michigan citizen, I believe the "Right to Work" legislation currently making its way through the Michigan Legislature is not a solution for the problems faced by the people of Michigan today.

"Right-to-Work" laws lower wages without creating jobs.  Michigan has just started recovering from the 2008 economic downturn, and unions are going to be a key part of continuing the state's proud history of manufacturing and labor.

I ask Governor Snyder, as my elected representative in Lansing, to veto any "Right to Work" legislation that comes to him for signature.

It's that easy, and it will be the difference. Make the call now-- then tell all your friends. 

PS Don't forget to add your name to our petition supporting the Michigan workers here. 

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I do not approve of right to work.. I think it will damage our economy when its just starting to get back on track

Jonathan Dean

It's a shame that our rights are being stripped away

Annie Hairston

How can they not understand that lower wages, as has been documented in other Right-To-Work states, means lower taxable income and less discretionary money to spend in local businesses? This is money out of the pockets of both the state and businesses in the state. But, of course, the large corporations and businesses that will be able to hire at lower wages won't care since it won't be skin off their own noses.

Judith Swink

As a former Michigander that still has property and FRIENDS in Michigan...i'm ashamed of these legislators..shame on you !!! Right to work for less is just plan wrong...and your pay should be less if you think Michiganders should work for less !!

Sharon King

I do not belong to a Union. I am not a retired Union member. However, I fully support Unions and I believe that this RIGHT TO WORK law is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. It is WRONG FOR MICHIGAN. It is WRONG.

Michele Matuszewski

Shameful, republicans should be ashamed. Remember election day!!!!!! STAND STRONG UNIONS, STAND TOGETHER!!!!!!!!

Pamela Marody

As a person who lives in a RTW state, it is a huge defeat for the workers. The employers' have all the rights and not only will it forfeit your right to make a decent living. The employer can fire you with no cause. The RTW state basically takes the employee's rights a way. It is just another tool used by companies to keep the profits for themselves. I would love to have the option to even be in a union.The mere mention of union can get you shown to the door. I would love to join one if there was a union to join!

Carol Newberg

I was born & brought up in Michigan, I'm now 72 years old. Michigan has had severe fiscal problems since the early 1960's, it has never had sensible fiscal responsibility. I meet people that have left Michigan to find work wherever I go in the USA, always the same story "there is no money in Michigan". It's a beautiful state with too many selfish Republican governors in a row, I see NO hope for this sad state of affairs. When the politicians in Michigan start to think about what is in the best interest of ALL the people in. The state and not only the few who have hoards of money Michigan will shine in the eyes of the rest of America. Until then I just weep for it.

Patricia Closson
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