WATCH: Even Joe Scarborough Thinks America's Wealthiest Need to Pay More

November 26, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 2 comments

Democrats and progressives won big this past election because they agree now is the time to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire for America's wealthiest two percent. Poll after poll, show this is the will of the American people. Now even former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough is taking a stand with the American People. If only his colleagues in Congress would see the light. 

Instead, they are offering the Romney Plan. Extend the Bush Tax Cuts, but close loop holes and end deductions... while we are at it they want to cut Medicare. Remember, this is the same frame work offered by Mitt Romney, who lost. 

Here at DFA we will not stand for a bad deal that extends the Bush Tax Cuts, and cuts Medicare, which is are going to drop over 50,000 petitions on Harry Reid's desk that says no deal is better than a bad deal. Add your name here:

Fiscal Cliff

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The rich have had a free ride since Reagan sold that trickle down scam to us, well it wasn't money trickling down and now you freeloading rich POSs need to pay your fair share and stop whinning like little children!

Mark Marberry

We must all contact our representatives in congress and let them know how we feel about federal programs that we want our taxes to go to. We the people must choose, not corporation and billionaires. Do we want more military spending (billion dollar fighter planes), or in parks and clean rivers to fish and swim in. Because this will be the America we leave our children.

William Heiland
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