Good news in Wisconsin

July 13, 2011
By Jim Dean | 0 comments

I just spoke with DFA Wisconsin Field Director Nick Passanante about what's happening on the ground ahead of next month's recall elections. We have 40 canvassers on the ground right now. As of last night, we've already knocked on 10,354 doors in Republican State Senate Districts 10 and 32. Now, we're getting ready to expand our ground campaign into District 8. We're getting some outstanding numbers, but we can't stop now -- we need to win all three of these seats to elect a Democratic majority and stop Scott Walker's Republican war on working families. But we can't keep this program going without your help. There's just 27 days until the August 9 recall elections and we just got word that some major donors are ready to band together to match up to $100,000 in grassroots contributions for our Wisconsin ground campaign. So, if you contribute $10 right now, your contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar by major donors, doubling your impact in these races. Please contribute $10 right now and have your contribution matched dollar-for-dollar. Republicans have waged all-out war on working families. They're attacking unions and middle class families in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey and states across the country -- and Wisconsin is our first chance to fight back. Winning these three recall elections in Wisconsin will send shockwaves across the country. It will send a clear message to Republicans everywhere -- attack the middle class and you lose. Trust me when I say that winning these elections is going to change the debate everywhere, including in Washington. Republicans won't be so keen on cutting Social Security and Medicare if they see just how big the backlash is going to be. Contribute $10 now and have it matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact in Wisconsin. Republicans might have big corporate interests behind them, but we have people power. That's how we're going to win in Wisconsin and that's how we're going to win in 2012. Thank you for everything you do.



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