Democracy for America Statement on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

August 28, 2007
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BURLINGTON, VT Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America, on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resignation: The resignation of Alberto Gonzales is just the first step to restoring integrity to the Justice Department. The next step is removing the person most responsible for the mess in Washington George W. Bush. During the past 5 months, Democracy for America members: Signed over 100,000 petitions calling for Gonzales to go Ran three hard hitting media generating ads Ran newspaper ads in five major media markets Contacted Members of Congress by phone, through email and in-person calling for the unseating of Gonzales Democracy for America, which was founded by Governor Howard Dean in 2004, is a political action committee dedicated to campaign training, grassroots activism and supporting progressive candidates with a backbone at all levels of governmentfrom the School Board to the Presidency. DFA is empowering everyday Americans to reform their political system. ###

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