Karl Rove vs. You

May 18, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

A message from Jim Dean: Six Wisconsin Republicans are set to face recall elections this July for their attacks on unions and middle class families. Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and other big money corporate interests are going to pour money into the state to make sure that their friends stay in office so they can keep fighting their war on working families. That's why we're building a people-powered campaign to stop them -- putting staff on the ground to organize volunteers, canvass door-to-door, make phone calls, and run radio and TV ads featuring real Wisconsinites. We're putting together a campaign fueled by volunteers because people-power is the only thing that can beat big corporate money -- it's the only thing that ever has. But we can't afford to wait until the summer to start building our campaign. We need to plan our campaign right now so we can hit the ground running from day one. We can't do it without you. Please contribute $10 right now to beat back the right-wing war on working families. The Republican war on working families is happening across the country, not just Wisconsin. Right-wing Republicans have introduced copycat legislation that would smash unions and middle class families in Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey and many, many more. We're organizing volunteers everywhere. Wisconsin isn't just the biggest fight, it's also just the beginning. We can send a clear message to Republicans not just in Wisconsin, but in every state considering this radical anti-working family legislation -- attack the middle class and lose your seat. Contribute $10 now to fuel our campaign in Wisconsin. Republicans have crossed a line and there's no turning back. Please contribute today and let's win this fight together. -Jim Jim Dean, Chair Democracy for America



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