Earth Day Weekend

April 18, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

A note from Gregg Ross for those of you who are signed up to collect petitions this weekend. Last night I had the chance to watch Gasland, along with hundreds of DFA members across the country. The movie reminded me in vivid detail of the consequences to Dick Cheneys loophole that allows the oil and gas companies to do whatever they want in their pursuit of profit. For those who are suffering debilitating health problems from the effects of fracking, the consequences are real. For those whose communities are without safe drinking water, the consequences are real. And for those like Josh Fox, the director of Gasland, who are simply wondering if their hometown will be completely destroyed by fracking, the consequences are real. So let's get real, too - about passing the FRAC Act in Congress. Right now we're building up to collect tens of thousands of signatures this Earth Day weekend, but before the weekend begins it's important to know where we stand and who will be a part of the effort. Take 30 seconds right now to let me know how many signatures you've collected so far - and wheteher you will be gathering signatures this weekend at Earth Day events. Over a week ago, we set an ambitious goal to collect 25,000 signatures offline to pass the FRAC Act. Since then, hundreds of volunteers just like you have been gathering thousands of signatures. Its been inspiring to work with you all and weve done a tremendous job so far. Now lets go one more step and make sure that this Earth Day weekend, when all eyes will be on environmental issues, we can prove to Congress that we simply wont tolerate Dick Cheney and his oil industry cronies poisoning our drinking water any longer. To make this weekend a success we need to know just how many signatures we are short of our goal and how many volunteers we need to reach that goal. Will you let me know how many signatures you've collected so far and how many you anticipate collecting this weekend? Click here to let me know. As Josh Fox said last night, "People are under siege by an industry that seeks to take over as much territory as possible." Those people are relying on you and me. I intend to not let them down. I hope you'll be there with me. Lets win. -Gregg Gregg Ross, Political Campaign Manager Democracy for America



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