Right now in Wisconsin

March 29, 2011
By Levana Layendecker | 0 comments

A message from Charles Chamberlain: We've been busy in Wisconsin and we just finished our brand new RECALL TV ad. It's powerful. We need your help again right now to make an impact. Take a look and please contribute $5 to keep it on the air. Here's what's happening: For the last two weeks, over 2,600 Wisconsin DFA volunteers have been helping gather signatures to put Recall campaigns on the ballot. They're over halfway done. MSNBC's Rachel Maddow called our first TV ad with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee "the most pointed, stand-with-the-people-who-work-for-a-living ad that we have seen for a very long time." We've saturated the airwaves with it on broadcast and cable, morning, day and night. We've been running radio ads, robocalls, volunteer actions. All of it targeted at defeating the eight Republican Senators eligible for recall in their districts. We only need to defeat three Republicans to flip the Senate and stop Scott Walker's attack on middle class families. Please contribute now to keep the NEW Recall Ad on the air. We're not taking any momentum for granted. We won't stop until we win either. In fact, both Democracy for America and our partners at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have opened local Wisconsin recall committees to make sure we can maximize the flexibility and effectiveness of our campaign, Recent polling looks very bad for Scott Walker and the Republicans, but we can count on Karl Rove and the Koch brothers to try to change it up and put Democrats on defense. It's up to us not let that happen. Thank you for taking action today. -Charles Charles Chamberlain, Political Director Democracy for America All contributions are subject to the limitations and prohibitions of federal election law. An individual may contribute a maximum of $5000 per calendar year.



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