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January 17, 2011
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The shallow reservoir gas sample is interpreted to be a mixed thermogenic Jimmy Choo Shoes microbial biogenic gas, while the chemical composition, and carbon and hydrogen isotopes of methane in the deeper sample indicated a thermogenic origin for that gas. These chemical parameters have not been evaluated in a basin-wide approach in Illinois that may lead to further definition of play areas. In addition, no formation water chemistry Yves Saint Laurent Shoes have been published for the recently emerging play in Illinois, which may serve to constrain the microbial aspects of the play. Gas analyses from recently drilled Illinois basin New Albany reservoirs are not publicly available at this time. In March 2008, an AAPG Bulletin paper entitled "Identification of microbial and thermogenic Christian Louboutin Pumps components from Upper Devonian black shale cores, Illinois and Michigan Basins"14 evaluated produced gas and water and des orb ed gases from crushed core samples from Indiana and Kentucky, key components for the modern assessment of the play and its economic development. The study, however, did not analyze samples Vibram Five Fingers Bikila Illinois, where the New Albany Shale Group is thicker, more widely distributed, and apparently encompasses the potential full range of the microbial and thermogenic play areas. In addition to sampling produced gases, and des orb ed gases from crushed core samples.



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