History of wedding style

January 15, 2011
By Stuart Spark | 0 comments

Development and changes of wedding Simple Wedding Wedding beginning of the design is very simple. Vertical lines of the high waist skirt with pleated sleeves and open collar was low, as if that was a replica of popular clothing styles. Silk and satin fabrics are the main wedding. Some dresses with Wedding Veils. Long paragraph Wedding Later, the wedding style is long and ankle, the first pieces of dress with a straight cut, after the sites are laden with another piece of mopping the floor of the skirt, when the bride walking in the church when the red carpet, mopping the floor of the skirt also slowly and over the carpet, so the bride has angel-like posture. Still today, many people's choice also is a pure feeling. And then, along with the dress developing, mother of the bride dresses and flower girl dress developed. Turtleneck dress After the wedding style, tighten the next wide, low neckline was replaced by a dignified and high collar, with a beautiful brocade material and more, collar, cuffs and skirt also laden with a lot of floral. Set off the bride chic. Gentle Wedding To the late 19th century, it has becoming soft texture wedding, double crepe and taffeta most brides of all ages. This also reflects the progress of fabric. Short tight dress Early 20th century, began to shorter wedding, but also the functions of both skirts, make the bride a wedding unique dance style. Into the 30's, popular wedding trend of tight, so that the bride is more charming and moving. Simple wedding 40's, wedding simple cut, heart-shaped neckline and long-sleeved gloves become a trend. Mini Wedding To 60 years, the length of a shorter wedding dress, some even with the "mini" is not much difference between linen and cotton raw material to the most popular. So someone designed flower girl dresses. Nostalgia Wedding 70s wedding, showing a deep nostalgia, style on another Long Bottom, multi-pleated, lace several overlapping peaks, highly decorated with soft flesh-colored cloth mainly. Wedding Fashion 90's, designed to break the traditional wedding swing skirt great switch design, and learned fashion design features. Top part of the Lucy majority; part of a cheongsam-style dress, miniskirt-style, there is a practical combination wedding, the bride to the church during the day or evening friends entertain friends and guests on their own when combined. Now the wedding fashion and individuality, fully reflects the bride's personality, and can be flexibly combined. And discount wedding dresses also come out. After the wedding there will be any new changes? B2C | B2B2C



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