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January 13, 2011
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The companies were able to meet key global standards using the new Dow Wire Jimmy Choo Shoes on Sale Cable compounds. "Dow Wire & Cable has been a good working relationship with the product development and technical know-how to help us efficiently run their product," says Chris Rutherford, VP of Global Supply Chain, Volex Group plc. "The new compound can achieve production rates similar to PVC with only Christian Louboutin Boots on Sale investments for extruder screw design and drying conditions." The launch of Dow SUSTAIN is the next in a series of planned product innovations that Dow is introducing to the wire and cable industry. With the introduction of this product, Dow is bringing forward a new technology that can be extended beyond the personal electronics segment Vibram Five Fingers Bikila planning a transition of the UNIGARDTM RE brand into the Dow SUSTAIN family. Dow Wire & Cable is offering samples of Dow SUSTAINTM as part of its Dow Inside program of working with select wire and cable manufacturers to combine Dow's material and technology expertise Christian Louboutin Pumps excellent manufacturing processes with an agreement that all wires and cables produced through such collaboration will meet key global standards. Please call your Dow Wire & Cable sales representative to request a sample that will help achieve your desired outcomes in PVC replacement.



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