Remind of the past days

January 10, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Know when, began to write some simple diary, doodles mood only. Then gradually in the text, and so on to hide I will not put those pieces called the diary; I use a false name called literature. I try to use the most magnificent vocabulary is cruel to modify the world, try to links of london sweetie necklace collect the tears in the sentence. Hence, scan links of London jewellery website; it will become my habit, but this time start from insomnia. Insomnia, always want to find something to do. Write a diary, write many, flood. Then hear a girl say evening to hear radio as well. Listen to a program called the links of london allsorts bracelet beginning of life, links of London charms style, some main simple life. Afterwards tired, turned the machine, listen to the city, there are some wonderful amorous feelings of bowed, lasted for a long time. Vacation, and a central radio stations, listen to the economy and the night. Interest derived from certain days suddenly discovered how does one of the richest. Certainly links jewelry listen to radio does not shallow, but sleeping income is still my life first a pleasure. Sometimes, we can not enough to our life all day and all of our life is finished, links London UK jewelry, all the dreams of our life are finished by injury. Then one's wakened found this world has no meaning, and then go buy a classy coffin. Now think about the children grew up in rural areas is very happy. Can have all sorts of games, jumping, throwing stones, squares, playing marbles, hide, stick... Carefree, don't s discount links of london moke in the early into reality, lose tong. When I was a child, I was not talking to the child, with links of London necklace, mother said, when I was young I always many diseases, the body is very weak. I think, in fact, is that now is only a deputy bone, I will be born again. When I have special greediness pocket often burn the change. The home also is not very rich, but my family as a baby, other children have learned to work for home, I still cheap links of london hold a heap of toys, alacrity. I remember I had two transformers, links of london charm bracelet, many of a pistol and a game, later to upgrade to the little overlord, then read in primary still struggling to outside my mother bought a car requirement of advanced control. That was the most cheap toy but again the most links of london silver unforgettable toy is perhaps the kite, I remember personally use bamboo had a pane newspaper, also asked grandpa kite over 50 cents, bought a, in a small mountain village left puerile and precious laughter. Sometimes I think that I lost my childhood is like the broken line kite, never lost. When you read, I still remember when the memory is very long years of primary school PROM, now has ruined. Every time, when go glanced over and over links of london charm had left. Learning so great, links London chains, the red testimonials hung a wall, and then think Tsinghai University may not have so far. Because they are so say. The waste of campus planted lots of trees, I still under the tree picked up two eggs, and handed him over to the old headmaster, he also praised me a good boy, I think he might be oneself to later. Grandpa has a luncheon to sell mango trees, links of London allsorts bracelet, unexpectedly links of london in picking mango is asleep. Most of my childhood was spent in grandmother home, she is really hurting me. She will put a hen just after the boiled eggs, she hid in birdbath to avoid a room in my ears...



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