Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way

January 9, 2011
By Liu Baiying | 0 comments

Leave the piece that I found my land, a land that I have much affection. In the city, the gray sky, crowded streets, links of London jewellery, choking air of links rings indifference, how and where the green silk, simple atmosphere compared. I have many friends. The first time was a big girl, now thinks eyes haven't seen already 1967, and grew up certain very good-looking. Have a higher age still fight brother, links London charms, I had not seen for years, and now I'm afraid I have not. Is time? Put those beautiful all became past. Yours, in fact, I am afraid. Perhaps is a fantasy dream originates from the broken. Cruelty of reality in mind has become fragile. I'm afraid, but lonely habit. I like links of london stores to sleep early force yourself every day, links of London friendship bracelet, but the habit of daily exhaustion. If this is so unique haze, adolescent who will be a ray of sunshine in the winter? Life is a long road; he met many beautiful types of scenery, many with us through the spring and autumn period youth. Sometimes think a person, can not the person can not scattered in the world. But we all have a day or endure sadness farewell. Then one day in the future, remind links jewellery of you every accompanied by the side of the common hobby had reminded him, one day meet by chance of beating her face red with him. Then we found that those who had appeared in our life, links of london gingerbread man charm not far from the angels. They have links of london earrings deeply hid in our memories of a certain corner, are ignored. But even if one had a silly smile, the simple, let us look nickname when understanding laugh. Read the third grade later here, the shy little boy let all the peple, so when the first three in the bookworm silly monitor. Then came the leg all run soft. But in the heart of the most precious is the one companion in the sincere friendship, and teacher always to links of london rings sale smile. Perhaps, Sweetie Bracelet in Sterling Silver with 18ct Rolled Gold, who do not know that a naive, has been modified to every word hidden deep sorrow worries. That runs slowest babyish along with little young plain of sunshine flowers and applause; shy on the runway, Cocktail Glass with Cherry Charm is gradually after the links of london charm bracelet legendary teachers mouth. But he only turned again the campus, not even half a kilometer away. That time was really happy, Cocktail Glass with Cherry Charm former best friends are gathered, and their promises a distant second decade. In fact, he was afraid, and he has not had so well. The junior high school had a good teacher. Maybe links of london jewellery you are one of the few fear her. When you like a teenager girl for a long time, the first wrote a love letter, links of London friendship bracelet, the class has many girl friends to help you, but failed in the end. Grade is perhaps the most brutal year, hot weather, cruel exam. You wrote a poem after parting, those past beautiful not beautiful, links London charms sweetie links of london charm bracelet brings you much pleasure and happiness, all in memory, no one is also no longer, because the school into a deep inside, only time can cure. Day by day, from the world's eyes blurred. Used to build up the walls, indifference to others into themselves, and not a final glass broken, cut the others.



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