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January 7, 2011
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"The team is the first to interact with any of the clients, be it royalty or celebrity, around Vibram Five Fingers Classic world. They talk extensively about the client's requirements of functionality as well as aesthetics and spirit," Ganesh says, explaining how the design process at Vastrakala functions. Consequentially, it becomes the team's job to also educate those clients whose whims and fancies do not seem to appeal to aesthetic sensibilities. As the embroiderers Christian Louboutin Shoes Vastrakala are trained in Indian as well as European motifs, there have been clients who have sought Roman interiors for a Chettinad house or a beach theme for an ancient building. "When we design wedding saris, which hasn't been often, we are conscious of family traditions," Ganesh says. "For instance, Jimmy Choo Shoes would make it a point to use motifs like mangoes or peacocks for Tamil wedding saris, but if the bride has a fancy for a certain colour or design, we try to incorporate that too." That's been Vastrakala's guiding design philosophy-to adapt and fuse cultures, but never clash with the local tradition. The embroiderers here work 8-hour shifts Manolo Blahnik Shoes earn between Rs2,000 and Rs8,000 per month, depending on experience. For most embroiders, the big difference is in the quality of work they get to do at Vastrakala. "Just look at the intricate designs I get to work on here," says S. Babu, a karigar pointing to a cloth piece, on both sides of which an oval twisting pattern was being embroidered to decorate the front and back of 120 chairs in a palace, whose name Vastrakala would not divulge.



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