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January 7, 2011
By Sara James | 0 comments

Many smaller programs were hit too. So-called STEM education Science, Technology, Engineering Christian Louboutin Boots Math took several hits, among them extra money for districts whose STEM programs can be used as a model for other districts. State school officials visited Delta High School the Tri-Cities' STEM school last week and told administrators there that they were strong candidates for that money, Bond said. "We're clearly Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch Strass getting that grant money now," he said. Students' health care could be affected too. Educational Service Districts regional agencies that provide services to the local districts employ school nurses, who fan out across their regions, splitting their time among many rural schools that can't afford their Christian Louboutin lambskin leather ROLANDO Blue suede nurses. That program's already thin budget was reduced by a little more than 6 percent. The Mid-Columbia's service district ESD 123 can make do for this year, said Health Administrator Les Stahlnecker. But, if the cuts persist into next year, staff will have to be reduced, which will probably mean fewer nurses Christian Louboutin Leopard Grain Pumps smaller schools. There are many other small cuts, affecting anything from career advice programs to reading support. What incenses local school administrators most, perhaps, is that federal money that was meant to flow directly to the districts to hire more teachers was instead absorbed by the state.



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