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January 5, 2011
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Schock has been a vocal critic of Vial and the county's plans for removing the dam, which Christian Louboutin Boots county officials said they did to get out from the liability of owning a dam with a fish ladder that did not meet state and federal requirements. The Schocks were part of a group of landowners that sued Jackson County in federal court. The group argued its civil rights were violated when the county moved forward Christian Louboutin Platform Pump Lilac dam-removal before its state land-use appeals about the demolition were completed. That suit temporarily blocked pre-demolition work in late July, but a federal judge denied the group's request for an injunction five days later and demolition work continued on schedule. "We've had our struggles," Vial Christian Louboutin Platform Pump Rouge. The four property owners served by the two wells have signed agreements in which the county agrees to pay for deepening the wells in exchange for no longer seeking county money to fix solve future well issues there, Vial said. A similar offer has been made to the Schocks, who have not signed it, Vial said. The well-deepening Christian Louboutin Pointed-Toe Pump red has cost about $9,000 to date, and will be paid through a $507,000 NOAA-Fisheries grant to the county designed for mitigating impacts of dam-removal, Vial said.Dec. 14A hearing in the Casey Anthony murder case is set for later today to discuss defense funding for out-of-state experts' travel expenses and costs for additional investigation hours Chief Judge Judge Belvin Perry has set the hearing for 4 p.m. on the defense motions to approve prior travel of out of state experts and additional hours of investigation.



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