Dean Dozen Debrief - 10/25/12

October 25, 2012
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Don't forget to sign up for our weekly update on our Dean Dozen Candidateshere. It's time for the weekly roundup of Dean Dozen candidates! This week we've seen some truly encouraging news come in for our progressive contenders. Here's the latest, starting with our candidates for Senate: Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen):The Warren Campaign received great news yesterday morning--a new WBUR poll shows Elizabeth leading the race for Senate by 5 points, and another shows her up by 6. This shows definitive progress from recent weeks, and she continues to be strong on the campaign trail as the Election Day approaches. Soon after the good polling news, Elizabeth traveled to Citi Emerson Colonial Theatre for a special performance by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Taylor. In conjunction with Governor Deval Patrick, Taylor came out in support of Elizabeth's campaign. Patrick enthusiastically proclaimed to the crowd that Elizabeth is "what we need." The performance had a full house. The final nail Scott Brown's coffin, he accepted $45,000 from the National Right to Life Committee, a radical anti-choice group. When Scott Brown claims to be pro-choice, why would this group support him? The answer is simple, He would vote to confirm conservative justices that support overturning Roe v. Wade. A vote that would mean outlawing abortion across the United States. That doesn't sound like the Massachusettes moderate he claims to be. Sign our petition demanding he renounce this support. As Election Day approaches, both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have been hunkering down into their respective campaigns. We'll keep you posted on where she stands next week. Mazie Hirono (HI-Sen):Mazie Hirono has been making great progress lately. Polls have shown that Republican Linda Lingle is lagging in this race by anywhere from 4 to 17 points. The two candidates are preparing for debate tonight at 7pm. You can watch a livestream of the debate here. While Lingle is trailing, Mazie has come out swinging in the last 12 days of this election. Her campaign released a new TV ad yesterday, calling Lingle "desperate" and reminding voters of the false attacks ads that the Lingle campaign has been broadcasting. Check out the new Hirono ad here. We'll continue to keep tabs on Mazie Hirono's race during the push to Election Day. We're confident that she will maintain her positive momentum. On Wednesday, Mazie stepped into the voting booth and cast her vote early, officially kicking off the final phase of this election cycle in Hawaii. Tammy Baldwin (WI-Sen):The race for the Badger State's open seat in the U.S. Senate continues to make news. As expected, following President Obama's stellar performance at the Town Hall Debate on Oct. 16, Wisconsin's Democratic voters are fired up again. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll had Tammy leading Tommy by four points, almost the exact same margin from some of the Baldwin campaign's internal numbers released on Oct. 22. These numbers, along with a poll conducted by New York firm Angus Reid showing Tammy leading Thompson 50-47, bring into doubt a recent poll from conservative friendly Rasmussen Reports, whose owner is a well-known Republican donor, that showed the two candidates in a statistical tie. Tammy has Thompson on his heels, and it's showing: Thompson's campaign just this week began airing an unfounded television spot smearing Tammy, claiming she voted against honoring victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It is rare that voters are provided with a contrast as distinct as this -- Tammy Baldwin, a true progressive who is committed to bettering the lives of Wisconsinites, and Tommy Thompson, a politician who would gladly use a national tragedy for his own political gain. Martin Heinrich (NM-Sen):Matrin Heinrich will square off in debate against Heather Wilson tonight for the last time before Election Day. Current polls show that while the race is tight, Wilson is still trailing Heinrich by a few percentage points. This has been bolstered by a new wave of positive publicity and advertising for Martin. Environmental groups such as the Sierra Club have been running brand new ads in order to inform New Mexicans just how bad Heinrichs opponent, Heather Wilsons record is. This has turned into a vicious battle as big oil companies, who have doubled down for Wilson, are now pouring money into attack ads against Heinrich. These big oil companies are orchestrating their dirty-energy agenda by spending unprecedented amounts of money to maintain their stronghold on Congress. Martin Heinrich acts as a champion of clean energy and has a strong, grassroots support team, helping him push to the finish line. You can watch one of Martin's new TV ads here. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01):In her bid for reelection, Carol Shea-Porter continues to run a tight race. Last week, campaign finance reports show that Carol raised over twice as much as her Republican opponent, Rep. Frank Guinta. To compensate, conservative SuperPACs have moved into New Hampshire media to continue attacking Carol on the ground. The American Action Network recently released a bungled smear ad that attempted to blast Carol on her support of the stimulus bill. Polls are showing Guinta and Shea-Porter neck and neck. This is a race that will fluctuate until the final hour. We'll keep checking back on Carol's progress over the next week. Annie Kuster (NH-02):Annie Kuster has been doing well in New Hampshire's 2nd District. New polling indicates that she has gained a slight lead over Republican Charlie Bass, 35 percent to 33 percent. In addition to this, a series of pro-Annie editorials have begun appearing in the Concord Monitor and other local newspapers over the last week. It seems that Annie's hard work and dedication to people-powered politics is paying off in this last leg of the election. As Election Day approaches, Charlie Bass seems to be getting nervous. He has launched more predictable attack ads, as well as an ad attempting to portray himself as a bipartisan fighter for women's rights. Annie has held up with ads of her own, highlighting Bass' hypocrisy and lack of concern for the people of New Hampshire. Check out the ad entitled "Out of Touch". Manan Trivedi (PA-06):Manan Trivedi released great news last week when his campaign announced that he had beat out Jim Gerlach in the last quarter, raising $100,000. In total , Trivedi has outspent Gerlach in this race, putting in $680,000 to Gerlach's $374,000. Manan Trivedi can proudly boast over 12,000 individual campaign donors--a huge support base and a promising number heading into Election Day. Compared to special interest groups in Washington that are funneling money into Gerlach's campaign, Trivedi is running an honest race. This is real grassroots action. Soon we will be running a DFA Dialer session to get out the vote for Manan in Pennsylvania. If you'd like to join in and make some calls on behalf of Manan and our other Dean Dozen candidates, you can sign up here. Kathy Boockvar (PA-08):Today, Kathy Boockvar will face Republican Mike Fitzpatrick in debate at Buck's County Community College. Last week, the two candidates met for a debate that was dominated by tax policy and healthcare. Kathy performed well, calling out Fitzpatrick on his support of the Ryan Budget and Bush tax cuts. When Fitzpatrick accused the Affordable Care Act of cutting $716 billion from Medicare, she quickly reminded him that the Ryan Budget cuts the same amount without reforming how insurance providers are paid. We look forward to seeing the results of today's debate and checking in for the third one scheduled tomorrow at 8 AM. In the meantime, check out Kathy's newest TV ad--a quirky 31-second spot that features people "speed-meeting" candidate Fitzpatrick. Raul Ruiz (CA-36): This race in the California 36th District is heating up in the last days before November 6. The once Republican, Bono Mack, is flip-flopping in an effort to maintain the incumbency. There is a rapidly growing Hispanic electorate in the District that we expect will have a real impact on the outcome of the race this year. Mack has received quite abit of negative press regarding her inability to relate to voters. Most polls are indicating a dead heat, or some even giving Ruiz a slight advantage. Continuing on the momentum he built up last quarter, Rual has once again outraised Mack according to the latest financial report. He has recieved a whopping $140,000 in donations compared to Mack's meager $90,137. This is a great reflection of the power of the grassroots support he has built up heading into Election Day. Jose Hernandez (CA-10):Jose Hernandez has his work cut out for him in Californias 10th district, a populace where President Obama is just barely leading in the polls. In this competitive environment, Jeff Denham has resorted to desperate publicity stunts and smear tactics, as evidenced by his attempt to prevent Hernandez from putting his hard-earned title of "astronaut" beside his name on the ballot. The ridiculous tactic failed, and Jose has been continuing to focus on the campaign issues at hand. Just this week, he was the subject of a rally call on the part of the AFL-CIO to elect more progressive, labor-friendly candidates.Jose has tremendous support from the national party, teachers, the working class, and environmentalists. However, this race will be decided by a small segment of Independent voters. Joe Miklosi (CO-06):Joe Miklosi is locked into a tight race in Colorado. Republican Coffmans extremist views have come under scrutiny in this heavily Latino district. His vote to make English the official language of the United States screams that he is wildly out of touch. More recently, he suggested that President Obama was in his heart... not American. As the Presidential race tightens, so does this race in the 6th District. However, Democrats have turned this region around from a solidly Republican district to a competitive one, creating definite hope for change. Shelli Yoder (IN-09): Shelli Yoder came out swinging in Tuesday's debate for Indiana's 9th Congressional District, criticizing incumbent Todd Young for his support of Paul Ryan's budget plan, which includes deeps cuts in Social Security and college aid.Young defended his record of voting repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act and supporting congressional Republicans 95% of the time. Yoder reiterated her commitment to represent the interests of the middle class, and stressed the need for bipartisanship in Washington.The candidates will debate for the second and final time on Monday, Oct. 29. Don't forget to sign up for our weekly update on our Dean Dozen Candidateshere.



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