What We're Reading: 2 Weeks Till E-Day Edition

October 19, 2012
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Joe Walsh: Advances in Science And Technology Have Erased Need For Abortion Exceptions By David Taintor "Theres no such exception as life of the mother, Wash said after a debate with Democratic Challenger Tammy Duckworth in Chicago. As far as health of the mother, same thing. With advances in science and technology, heath of the mother has become a tool for abortions any time, under any reason." Ljubica Sarafov, Campaign Academy Organizer "This article poses some tough questions about where to draw the 1st Amendment line. The question this case comes down to is whether the cheerleaders were representing the school when they held the banners? As a former public school student, I remember being alarmed that my right to free speech could be impeded. After one read, I was inclined to side with the cheerleaders. However, it seems obvious to me that the cheerleaders were representing the school. Their function is to promote school spirit and they dress in a uniform that is affiliated with the school, and often displays the school name. What do you think?" When Faith Meets Football in East Texas By Morgan Smith "If the cheerleaders arent representing the school, then who are they? said Mr. Haynes, who advises school districts on policies regarding religious expression. It would be like saying that the football team doesnt represent the school, they are just individual students just coming on the field and are free to do what they want to do. Kaili Lambe, Campaign Manager "Even if you could overlook his preface of IF women are going to be in the workplace (because in 2012 thats still a debate were having?), and his complete ignorance of the issue of equal pay, Romneys feint at cracking the glass ceiling was completely transparent. And as Kaili Joy Gray points out, it really is just all for show. About Mitt Romneys binders full of women? Guess what. Its BS. By Kaili Joy Gray "Pause right there. Mitt Romney is a highly educated man. Hes traveled the world. Hes run a business. But its only after hes elected Governor that he realizes, gosh, all these jobs are for men? Hed someone managed to live for more than half a century without noticing the absence of women in the halls of power not to mention the boardrooms?" Connor Stewart, Development Associate "As a native Connecticutian, it is distressing to see this race as close as it is. Linda McMahon has no business running for Senate in Connecticut or thinking that her millions of dollars will buy her that seat. Womens Issues at Fore in Final Debate for Connecticut Senate Seat By Peter Applebome Mr. Murphy has been gaining a bit of momentum in a tight race that had earlier been dominated by Ms. McMahons aggressive campaign and expensive television ads. Max Stahl, Northeastern States Field Organizer "My friend Will is part of the leadership of the group staging the anti-keystone actions. The fact that off-duty cops are being paid by a private corporation to make arrests in their name is deeply disturbing and speaks ill of the future of our republic. Last-Ditch Bid in Texas to Try to Stop Oil Pipeline By Dan Frosch Off-duty police officers, hired by a TransCanada contractor, patrol the perimeter of construction sites day and night. Dylan Gibson, Political Intern "Its interesting to see how people outside politics view the work that is done on campaigns. The Victory Lab is extremely interesting because it points out that the media almost always focus on a small part of what campaigns actually do. Rarely do you see a media story covering the work of field organizer or a volunteer, even though the work these individuals contribute make up the majority of what campaigns do." The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns By Sasha Issenberg Our campaigns have not grown more humanistic because our candidates are more benevolent or their policy concerns more salientFinally campaigns are learning to quantify the ineffable the value of a neighbors knock, of a strangers, the delicate position of being undecidedCampaigns have started treating voters like people again."



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