Dean Dozen Debrief: 10/5

October 5, 2012
By Alex Showerman | 0 comments

Don't forget to sign up for our weekly update on our Dean Dozen Candidates here. Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen): According to a private Massachusetts Senate poll released on Wednesday, Elizabeth Warren is edging a 4% lead over Republican incumbent Scott Brown. Earlier this week, Warren was also shown to have a slight lead by 2 points and 5 points respectively. These results are encouraging, but hardly a deal-breaker. Elizabeth is putting up a good fight against Scott Brown and we look forward to watching her continue to gain traction this month. On Monday, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino released a new 30-second TV ad in support of Warren, calling her "good people" and praising her work on education, families, and jobs. We're proud of Elizabeth too -- in fact DFA chair Jim Dean will be in Massachusetts to talk to volunteers about the importance of being involved and to go door-to-door for the Warren campaign next week. Annie Kuster (NH-02): After being targeted by a Bass staffer last week and hit by the NRCC in an ad with the footage that resulted, the latest WMUR/UNH Granite State poll is good news for Annie -- especially coming the same day as a Concord Monitor editorial criticizing the Bass campaign for bullying. Having already raised more money than any congressional candidate in New Hampshire history from small donations in the 2nd quarter, were eagerly anticipating Annies 3rd quarter fundraising report. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01): If Frank Guinta had accomplished anything in the last Congress, the latest poll results from UNH and local TV Station, WMUR would be surprising -- but then Guintas only well-known for the unresolved questions around his 2010 campaign finances. While Carol is running a grassroots campaign and talking about whats at stake, Guinta has done nothing but tow the tea party line. With Carols double digit lead in the latest poll, its clear voters are starting to see through his charade. Kathy Boockvar (PA-8): Kathy Boockvar continues to makes positive progressive connections on the campaign trail. Last weekend she was endorsed by PA Working Families, a grassroots group that praised her for her dedication to job creation and revitalizing the middle class. Boockvar is in a gritty race against Republican Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, who we were shocked to hear him doubling down on Mitt Romney's 47 percent, saying that "we need to worry about the people who sign the front of paychecks, not the back."Kathy has come fighting on behalf of all Pennsylvanians and continues to set the record straight about Fitzpatrick's poor decision-making in Congress. She has earned an impressive list of endorsements that include Planned Parenthood, the National Education Association and the Human Rights Campaign. Manan Trivedi (PA-6): Republican incumbent Jim Gerlach has been turning up the heat in this race against Trivedi for the 6th district seat. Millionaire health industry executives are dumping nearly $200,000 into a television campaign for Gerlach. Voters arent fooled however -- Gerlach was hit this week for voting lock-step with Paul Ryan and with five weeks left to draw those contrasts and with a significant budget with which to do it, Trivedi is in a strong place. With DFA staff landing on the ground to train volunteers this week, we know his supporters are ready to go! Mazie Hirono (HI-Sen): If polling is any indicator, Congresswoman Hirono has a solid lead over Republican Linda Lingle. A new poll from Hawaii Civil Beat this week showed a double digit lead, but was met with skepticism after some of their pre-primary polling. Now the HIrono campaign has releaseda new internal showing a 54-37 margin -- and the trend-line there is even better -- shes gained six points since June. Still, with Lingles 24-hour-TV channel aimed at swaying voters, Mazie isnt taking anything for granted. With an end of quarter appeal, Senator Inouye should be releasing solid fundraising numbers. We'll stay tuned on news from the Aloha state in this important Senate campaign. Martin Heinrich (NM-1): Recent polls show Heinrich amplifying his lead over former Congresswoman Heather Wilson in New Mexicos U.S. Senate race. A current Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows that 52% of likely New Mexico voters support Martin Heinrich, while Wilson received 39% of the vote. Martin Heinrich is running a strong race despite attacks made from outside corporate special interest groups. Its evident his message of shared progressive values and his solid connection to New Mexico is resonating with voters. Raul Ruiz (CA-36): Dr. Raul Ruiz has raised good money and is running a campaign much better than many had anticipated. Coachella is slowly becoming more Democratic and is beginning to heat up, especially after an offensive comment made by long time incumbent Mary Bono Mack resurfaced. The district is furtively moving up peoples radar as the DCCC and the California Democratic Party set their eyes on this district and are pouring money into the race. Bono Mack is one of the very few that can say their reelection percentage has consecutively dropped in their last three campaigns. Although she wont go without a fight and the district still leans her way, stayed tuned because the outcome may surprise you. Jose Hernandez (CA-10): Inch by inch, Hernandez is gaining momentum as he trails Denham by 45-43, marking a definite improvement in the race. Despite being outspent by over half a million dollars by Republican-back groups, Hernandez appeals to be more favorable due to his unique and inspiring biography. The race is beginning to present itself as a head-to-head as it continues to tighten significantly. Regardless of the 50%+1 on November 6, Hernandez is catching up while Denhams state of vulnerability lacks the vitality for re-election. Joe Miklosi (CO-06): Joe Miklosi has continued to close the gap with incumbent Mike Coffman in the very tight race for Colorado's 6th Congressional District. Last week, the Miklosi campaign released a second television ad highlighting Coffman's extreme anti-abortion views and plans to end Medicare was also joined by an ad by the Democractic Congressional Campaign Committee already on the air highlighting Coffmans support of personhood amendments and banning abortion even in cases of rape or incest. Polls show Miklosi in a statistical tie with the Tea Party Congressman, which is impressive considering Coffman is more well known within the CO-06 by a considerable margin. In the coming weeks, we'll keep an eye on this race as Miklosi continues to build momentum heading into November 6th. Tammy Baldwin (WI-Sen): Things are looking good for Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin where her opponent, ex-Gov Tommy Thompson, has been noticeably absent on the campaign trail despite consistent polls showing him down. When he does make an appearance, its clear just how out of touch he is. Shelli Yoder (IN-09): Shelli Yoder, who is arguably running the most grassroots campaign of any of the Dean Dozen, has challenged her opponent Todd Young to a debate in each of the districts thirteen counties.Young has only agreed to two if these. Anyone who has seen Shellis energy on the campaign trail knows hes got reason to worry. The two will meet at Franklin College on Oct. 23rd for the first debate. Thanks for checking in! Don't forget to sign up to receive weekly updates on our Dean Dozen Candidates. Remember, these are the candidates that will make the biggest impact for a progressive majority in Congress! Stay up-to-date here.



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