More Ridiculous Republican Policy: Budget Cuts > Feeding American Families

September 10, 2012
By Katie Levasseur | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Getty Images Lawmakers returned to Washington on Monday to tackle some leftover business from from before the recess, including the new five-year Farm Bill. The current billwill expire on September 30th, but Republicans don't mind waiting. They think there needs to be more cuts to the Food Stamps program...cuts that would slash food support to the 46 million Americans. Republican House leadership is sending a clear message: budget cuts are more important than putting food on the table for millions of Americans. But wait...there's more! The United States is currently facing its worst drought in over 50 years. 60% of the continental United States is currently suffering from exceptional drought. The corn crop this year is expected to be the smallest is over six years. Today, we have the smallest cattle herd in the US in over 60 years. Just how bad could it be? Photo Credit: UNL Dought Monitor According to theMidwest Governor's Association,the U.S. bread basket provides nearly half of the country's agriculture and is the area most severly impacted by the drought. Drought + No Cows + High Corn Prices + Rising Fuel Costs = American families spending big bucks for food this year. So now is the right time to cut funding to the Food Stamps program? WRONG. Timeestimates that food prices have already risen over 20% since 2009. Republicans seem to think that American famiilies can afford another increase in food costs AND can simultaneously afford to lose the Food Stamps program. It's time for a change in House leadership. Republicans have clearly shown their disconnect with the needs of American families and farmers. It's time to stand up for American families and farmers and put Democrats back in charge.Are you with us?



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